Dina Manzo

Dina explains why her departure was necessary, shares her final thoughts on Danielle, and thanks fans for their support.

on Jun 14, 2010

I understand that I may have to do some press about my departure, I am obligated. But after this week is over you will NOT hear me mention her name again. I left for a reason; I want to cut her out of my life for good. Please respect my wishes and know that I will still continue to tweet and share updates on Facebook about all the good I am trying to do, and of course my wiseass comments will always be around for your entertainment. But going forward, any talk of her will not be acknowledged.

I could go on and on about Danielle's actions this episode. I could comment on how her and her busted "friends" (more like people who just wanted to be on TV) sit around in a geriatric Sex in the City scene and mock what is a really serious situation. It is so tempting to make fun of two-faced Kim G on the pole or make a joke about how I expected a penis to pop out of the side of Dirty D's boy shorts during her stripper split, but I am kinda over it all. You know I'm done when even the wiseass in me is tired.

Now about her...
Danielle was a woman with no morals and no boundaries. She would stop at nothing to get what she wanted, what's best for her. She is a pathological liar and a truly dangerous individual who admitted every move she makes in life is calculated. We should all pray and pray hard that her children come out of this unscathed - they were innocent bystanders in this horrific game she played. May she one day find peace. R.I.P. YOU ARE DEAD TO ME.

Well America, you haven't seen the last of me. I am moving on to some really exciting projects. I have a gorgeous costume jewelry line that you've seen me wear all season. New items are coming out daily, they are magnificent, handcrafted items that are created with glamour and peace in mind. I'll be wearing some great new pieces on Watch What Happens Live with Andy tonight too! I am also working on a book that explains exactly how to infuse spirituality in everyday life in a way that is not intimidating or confusing, starting with home and touching on everything from entertaining to fashion. It's kind of like a girlfriend's guide to happiness. I am also coming out with a line of home accessories that will incorporate my love of everything from healing stones to glitz and glamour. It's fabulous; you're going to love it. For updates check out Dinamanzo.com.