Dina Manzo

Dina talks hamming around, the "puffy chucky," and explains the Danielle luncheon debacle.

on May 10, 2010


Hello Again,
Let me start by answering a few questions. The book that I referred to last year that really helped change my life is called the Power of Now. Refer to my last blog of Season 1 to learn more. As far as my home, I do love surrounding myself with things that make me feel great and inspire me, it WORKS! Try it. I'm actually working on a home line based on just that. It's been a career long dream of mine to have a line of beautiful, affordable home accessories that enrich the quality of life. At the end of last season I was approached by several people to write a coffee table book on decor, I may just turn that into a "how to" book on making your home your sanctuary. What you surround yourself with really makes a huge difference in your state of mind. Stay tuned and look for updates on www.dinamanzo.com

Grandma Wrinkles is a 2 year old Hairless Sphynx and Ladybug is a Chinchilla Persian and yes, I do talk to them like a crazy lady. It's all good...

As far as Lexi missing in the credits and whether or not she will be in this season, I will address that when I'm ready. For now I am letting Lexi be a 14 year old finishing up her last year of junior high and preparing for her high school days. Lexi is a bright, beautiful young lady and I couldn't be more proud of the very special person that she has become. I wish I could share with all of you more of our relationship, it is one of a kind. I spend most of my days with her either laughing hysterically or arguing about boys and appropriate clothing. Yes, I still wish she was in Cinderella underwear but sadly she is not. My little girl is all grown up and she had blossomed into a real stunner. Again, stay tuned...

Danielle's blog last week was shocking. I can't believe that this is a woman who claims she has changed. There is a way to address a situation without "going there." It was in my opinion in poor taste and filled with complete lies. The ONLY signature I have ever forged (as I said on my twitter) is the occasional credit card slip with my husbands name on it which he is completely aware of and I feel is a right of passage once you say your vows on your wedding day, so there!