Dina Manzo

Dina talks hamming around, the "puffy chucky," and explains the Danielle luncheon debacle.

on May 10, 2010


Now onto Episode 2.

"1987 called, they want their bidet (be-day) back"
Why the obsession with cleaning your chucky Danielle? I haven't seen one of those things since the late 80's ...
Anyway, in the first scene with Danielle they show me saying how I felt bad for her and the situation that she was in with her home. I know that makes me look like a really great person, BUT to be honest with you, when I said that I felt bad for her and her children I was referring to the fact that I think the woman is unstable. When I said that I hope she gets the help she needs I was referring to Psychiatric help. I said years ago that Danielle should have gotten a job and did what she had to do to comfortably support her and her children. I do feel so horrible for any woman in that situation, I'VE BEEN THERE, but having a BIG home is not what it's all about. Her children are in school all day and there is NO excuse not to go to work. When I asked her last year why she didn't get a job, she told me and I quote, "I'm too pretty to work." Yes, you read that correctly. When I got divorced, did I want to work two jobs and live in my sister's spare room sleeping in the same bed as my daughter? Hell no, but I did what I had to do and showed my daughter that when you get knocked down you brush yourself off and do what you have to do to survive. I am grateful that I had my family to turn to, but if I didn't I would have lived in a shoe box rather than to be at the mercy of a man for money. Our children learn by example, we need to remember that.

"Hamming around"
The ham game is SOOO gross, there is nothing cute about lunch meat stuck to the kitchen cabinets. What is cute is Lauren and Vito, I think they are perfect for each other. Vito in my opinion is the best thing to happen to Lauren, I hope to design their wedding one day, not soon but one day. From what I know Vito is a good kid and although I understand Albie's point, I think if Vito is a good enough person to be such a good friend to him then he should be grateful that Lauren is not with some random tool. I am sure he knows "too much" about Vito's wild college days, but what boy didn't have his man whore days in school? Let it go and appreciate the fact that your sister is with someone who loves her and not someone just out to get her ehum... "goodies."

"And take your laundry with you"
I am not going to say much on the Jacqueline and Ashley thing. Raising a young girl is not always easy, especially in this day and age. I suggested the good old fashion Italian beating because it worked for us growing up. Although my dad never really laid a hand on us girls we always had the fear of the wooden spoon or his belt strap in the back of our minds. Hell, I'm 38 years old and I'm still afraid of getting my dad mad! What I find really entertaining with all these scenes is that little bobble head Nicholas just sits there and watches them go at it with a look on his face that's like, "What's wrong with you crazy bitches?" Take notice of his face. It's super cute.

"I'm talking the talk and walking the walk ... work it gurl"
No words for Gia and her catwalk. That kid is going to be somebody! By the way, SO NOT COOL of Danielle to say what she did about Gia not having what it takes. She's a kid Danielle, what's wrong with you? REALLY? Gia has the most amazing personality and looks to go with it. She could be whatever she wants to be in life. Again, I like to pay attention to the little things in the scenes, don't you just love how Gia is in her room all dolled up just practicing her perfect gymnastic splits when Teresa comes to give her the good news of her landing fashion week? Too funny!