Dina Manzo

Attack dogs! Candy stashes! Italian tempers! Flipped tables! Dina covers it all...and more.

on Jun 16, 2009

So, where do I begin with this hot mess?

Let's start with the fluff...

What is wrong with my child? Seriously...Oprah are you watching? I need some help with my crazy little hoarder. The stuffed animals are one thing, but the candy? A part of me is just hoping she was just hiding it from her mother who eats dessert before dinner.

I am happy to say that she no longer hides candy in her room and the space under her bed is void of any crazy collections. Thank god! Lexi is really so funny, she cracks me up and I truly enjoy her company. Friday night we drove to the city together in the convertible and had a big girl dinner in the meat packing district. Last year my Friday nights would have been spent running an event. We have a very special relationship where we can be friends, but she also recognizes that I am her mother and it's my job to guide her in life. Don't get me wrong, she is 13 right now and it's not always sunshine and roses, but for the most part I think my decision to stop working is a good one. I wouldn't give up these simple dinners with her for the world. At this tender age a girl needs her mother and I am so grateful that I am able to be there. I have to thank my husband for the luxury of staying home. He works so hard to take care of us. I am well aware of that fact that in this economy it is truly a LUXURY to be able to put my career on hold. So thank you Tommy...I love you.

Caroline and her attack dogs...
Holy sh*t. Those dogs scare the crap out of me. If you saw me at Caroline's house when they are out and about you would know that I am not kidding at all. I literally sit on the kitchen counter when they are around. I am so afraid that one of us is casually going to say the German attack word in a sentence by accident and someone is going to lose an arm. I am so happy that Caroline lives five houses down from me...I know "the word" and all I have to do is scream it out the window if anyone tries to mess with me. Or I could just hope that the sight of Gramma Wrinkles with scare them away. I love my grandma and from what I hear, people are not thinking she is as beautiful as I think she is. I don't care. "Let 'em talk." I love her, but poor Ladybug (my Persian) is like the Christopher of Cats. Albie and Grandma are getting all the attention! Hello? Christopher and Ladybug deserve a little love here. (Kidding Albie, Aunt Dina loves you and your handsome face.)

Jacqueline's Parents...
How cute is her dad? He seems like he has landed on another planet here in Franklin Lakes. Granted, there is a lot of Botox and "Bubbies" here, but in the defense of my town, we are not the norm here. It is a VERY conservative town - very low key filled with mostly tennis moms who started their careers as mothers late in life. We kind of stick out like sore thumbs for the most part. I think that is why Jacqueline and I may have had some crooked stares when we first came here. It's all good - I think we add that little spice that keeps things interesting. We may have the flashy cars and the big hair, but we are harmless. We love our families just as much as the next guy. So some people just need to calm down and take this show for what it is...A SHOW.