Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline defends her actions at the fashion show and responds to Danielle's "coke whore" accusation.

on Jul 8, 2010


I'm trying to get back to blogging on time, but I have been really busy lately and I haven't had the head to sit down and write about the drama on the show. I don't mean to disappoint anyone. I'll do my best to put aside the time to get my blog done in a more timely manner. I'm sorry for being tardy.

I will address Danielle in this blog, because I feel it is important for me to clarify the events leading up to this point and how it all really played out. The events that took place in these recent episodes need explaining. I'm not going to write a fake "love and light" blog. This blog is about what was happening at THAT point in time and how we were feeling about it in THAT moment.

I enjoyed seeing my sisters-in-law Cookie and Francesca on the show. I love them. I'd like all of you to see them more. Francesca is really funny and has a huge heart and a huge love of animals. Francesca works for a Vet and rescues animals, so if you ever need an animal rescued, contact her through me or Caroline. She finds great homes for them. Cookie is an amazing cook and is a great person to go to for advice, like Caroline. Both Francesca and Cookie are very down to earth. If our whole family, including the Giudices had our own show, there would be plenty of characters, a lot of laughs, love, and of course, DRAMA (just not the dark, evil kind of drama that is lingering on our show now). Unfortunately crazy drama overshadows our family's most entertaining moments. My husband has five brothers, five sisters, and 18 nieces and nephews. There's always something going on.

I think that I understand what Caroline is going through. Empty nest syndrome is common among women at a certain stage in life. You spend the most part of your adult life raising your kids and focusing so much on your family that sometimes you can lose who YOU are in the everyday shuffle. For years Caroline has put her family first and her own needs aside. Caroline is at a point in her life when she needs to explore her interests, go on fun outings with her friends, and travel. Perhaps she should even "Get a hobby." LOL. She needs to find herself again. Caroline will be alright. She has plenty of support and love. Her kids still are around often. Fortunately or unfortunately for her, so is the rest of this big family. She's not REALLY alone. I think she may have been a little more emotional than usual that day talking to Albert. Perhaps it was due to her monthly overactive hormones. I'm not sure, but I do know that everything during that time always seems more intense than it really is. That is always when I seem to analyze my life. Albert will always be there for her as well. There is a lot of love there between them. They have weathered many storms together in life and will continue to do so together in the future. Albert is not going to retire, but Caroline knows this and has accepted this lifestyle from day one when she agreed to marry him. It's all good.