Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline gives her take on the Danielle drama so far this season.

on May 17, 2010


Welcome back for blog #3! Let me start off by first re-establishing where my relationship stood with Danielle at that point. My previous conversation with Danielle was left as a mutual understanding that we were to be "peaceful acquaintances." There were too many hurtful things that had been said and done to completely forget about, but we both agreed we were done with the fighting and we both agreed on peacefully going our separate ways. I promised her that I wouldn't talk badly of her and I would acknowledge her publicly, very respectively, as if nothing was ever wrong between us. I wished her and her kids well. She knew my husband also had a problem with her and she told me that she completely understood the situation. She had burnt her bridges and she knew it. I made it very clear to Danielle what my boundaries were with her. My husband preferred me to have her completely removed from my life, but I let him know how I chose to handle my relationship with Danielle and he did respect that. Although Danielle and I wouldn't be hanging out, we would remain on friendly terms. There would be texting here and there when good things came up. There would be a friendly hello if I ever saw her again. My husband and I would argue at just the mention of her name. He did not want her negativity and drama entering our lives. It wasn't worth fighting with my husband over a girl who had already proved that she was not a very good friend.

It was a no-brainer decision to keep Danielle at a safe distance. I realized she was a troubled person that needed help and that I couldn't help her. I believed at the time that she was sincere about trying to change. Once again, I gave her the benefit of doubt. I was wrong about her motives. She immediately started calling me to do things with her, knowing it was overstepping the boundaries we had made. I was trying to figure out why she put me on the spot, and why she made me feel uncomfortable by inviting me to her daughter's luncheon. She KNEW my answer would be no. She was also delusional in thinking that just because Dina forgave her, they were suddenly the greatest of friends. Danielle relentlessly invited Dina to things as well. So why did she invite us to that luncheon? Let me get inside her head for a minute to try and figure this out.

Danielle made it clear when she called to invite me that she was ONLY inviting people who SHE thought would be GENUINELY happy for her and Christine. When Danielle hung up the phone with me after I declined her invitation, she conspicuously said "AWKWARD!" as if she were planning it to be that way. Then she made a very calculating move by putting two empty chairs beside her at the luncheon that her DAUGHTERS should have been sitting in, and makes an announcement as to why we are not there. I had heard from a few of appalled women who attended the luncheon, who barely knew Danielle, what she had tried to pull. I am now questioning the sincerity of her invite. Go figure. I had also heard some lies she was trying to spread around town about me and my family. I also heard she was bragging about her plans to destroy my family this year. She even tried to recruit people to join her. She asked some of the wrong people. ;0)