Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline talks about setting boundaries for Ashley and shares how she met her husband Chris!

on Jun 28, 2010


Here we go again. Moving right along. I think we are about halfway through the season already. I don't remember exactly what it was but something reminded me of my first boob job that I FINALLY had done at the age of 30. I felt like I needed it badly and I am the first to admit that it was ALL for vanity reasons. My naturally big boobies were sagging after I had Ashley. I HATED them and was embarrassed by them. Chris was very sweet to say he didn't mind them, but I was always insecure about them. I was happier with them once I finally got them done. Childbirth can have a way of messing with our bodies. Having children is totally worth it though, so don't let that stop you. I don't feel the size of a woman's breasts matter AT ALL, but every woman should feel secure and comfortable with their body and I was not. Breast augmentation is a personal choice and I'm all for it.

My vote for the best scene was the heartbreaking, motivating, supportive Mom scene between Caroline and Albie. I was sobbing while watching that. I know how hard Albie studied to get that far. He successfully finished four years of college at Fordham University only to go on to law school a feel like he wasted a year of his life there by missing the mark by an 1/8 of a point. That was a very tough and depressing moment in his life to get through. The message Caroline gave him was to NEVER give up, no matter what people tell you, or what obstacles you encounter while trying to achieve your goal. Always keep the faith and believe in yourself and your capabilities, work hard and you WILL get there. If there's a will there's a way. The key is don't give up, make it happen. Sometimes on your journey you may discover that what you thought you wanted isn't really what you want after all, and it may lead you down a different path to something bigger and better. To quote Garth Brooks, "Some of life's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers." So true! It broke my heart to see Albie's spirits down and Caroline so upset. When Caroline cries, I cry. It's true that when your kids hurt you hurt too. It's a horrible feeling. Albie is a beautiful kid with a great personality, great work ethic, and great family values and with the support of his family he can't lose. He WILL be successful.

I am so proud of Lauren and all of her accomplishments. I am so happy that she has finally found her passion as a makeup artist and is doing very well. She is VERY good at what she does. You will be seeing a lot more of her work in the future. She has been doing Caroline's makeup a lot and it always looks great. Keep up the good work Lauren!

Teresa's housewarming party was as over the top as she is. People had been harassing Teresa and Joe to have a housewarming party for a while. They love to entertain and they are the most gracious hosts I know. Teresa handled Elvira with her forthcoming questions and comments so well. She always makes me laugh. Teresa's dress was fabulous too. We had so much fun. Geez, Chris and I had a simple barbecue for our housewarming. Why didn't we think of flame swallowers, break dancers, a personal chef, flashing rainbow lights on the house, Playboy bunnies to serve cocktails, a DJ and a red carpet? Speaking of the red carpet, did you love my red carpet walk? I always wanted to do that. I'm such a dork. I like to goof around. I crack myself up.