Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline addresses the Danielle rumors, and makes a special announcement!

on Jun 16, 2009

I go in today, Thursday, June 11th, to give birth to our baby Boy Nicholas! We are soo excited! I'm writing my blog now because I may not get a chance later. Congratulations to Teresa on her pregnancy as well! Little Nicholas will have a playmate in September. I can't wait to find out what she is having. :o) Lauren went on to get her Cosmetology license so I am very proud of her and excited for her future. Ashley hit some rough spots again this year but she is pulling it together and I believe she will come out just fine. She is a good kid.

The family, as always, despite our little battles from time to time, is closer than ever and I am thrilled. Nothing is better than family! :o) I am so glad everyone has resolved their differences and my new son isn't being born in the middle of a shit storm. With some recent shocking developments I have cut the toxic people from my life. I'm not going to talk about it - I am just going to act on it. Let's just say I was very disappointed with people, and I regret giving them my heart and time. Because of that rejection, I am now the target of a pathological liar. Fuggetaboutit! On to a more happy, healthy life - PEACE EVERYONE!

Someone asked what the writing on the wall in my kitchen says. In Italian it means, "God Bless This Family."