Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline reflects on Audriana's birth, hiring a life coach, Danielle's name changes and more.

on May 25, 2010


I want to start off by saying that I really enjoyed giggling at every scene that involved Joe, Teresa, her labor and birth. Hilarious! Teresa goes into labor so she first decides to make her bed with a gazillion pillows. She then packs her bags for the hospital with brand new clothes (I saw the tags hanging on them), a whole makeup case (OK ... maybe I would have done that too) and plenty of jewelry (you know, the norm). Don't you all bring a good jewelry selection while you're on bed rest in a hospital bed for days? No? Yeah well me neither, but welcome to Teresa World. While Joe is taking his time, drinking a fresh cup of coffee with his shirt off, Teresa is checking her emails, making french toast for her daughter, all while she is already an hour late to check in to the hospital and in the process of losing her birthing room. "Teresa is late, Teresa is always late." That's why I suggested that maybe she knit a sweater for the baby before it was born. She seemed to have the time for everything else. I loved when Joe said, "I told you you couldn't wear your own outfit." Then Teresa said, "Gross." Typical Teresa. I had that epidural when I gave birth to Ashley. It's not very enjoyable. Wish I didn't actually see it. DANG THAT NEEDLE IS BIG! All of you expecting Mommies, have no fear, it goes so fast you won't even remember it. It looks worse than it actually feels. Joe knows just what to say to Teresa to calm her down. She's in the delivering room, screaming her ass off, while he's talking about the fear of throwing up his hamburger. Haha! That was good TV. This is all real non-scripted reality TV GOLD! REALLY Teresa ... one and a half pushes??? That's IT? You have been doing some serious Kegels my friend. WOW! God Bless you. You are truly an amazing woman!

Audriana is born. A.U.D.R.I.A.N.A. Beautiful baby! I thought it was really sweet for Nicholas to bring her a rose. Too bad he wasn't awake to give it to her personally and be a gentleman by taking his hat off in the presence of a little lady. He slept through it all. Typical man. I hope he didn't blow his chances one day. First impressions are so important. It would be a sweet story someday if they ever did end up together. Teresa and Joe's family were family friends and Joe was at the hospital the day Teresa was born as well. True story. I wonder if he brought her a rose.

How many of you cried at that touching scene when Teresa told Dina she was the Godmother? That was the sweetest moment between friends. They have been friends for over 15 years. It was meant to be. Can you only imagine what Audriana's Christening will be like? Think wedding. Seriously, you will want to stay tuned for this one.

The life coach idea was something that a friend of mine suggested to me. It is something that had helped her. The life coach asks you a series of questions about your interests, your skills, your strengths, your weaknesses, and more and can help lead you in a direction that you didn't even think of or knew existed. They can help guide you, give you a focus, and give you or lead you to tools to accomplish your goals. I figured that since Ashley wouldn't listen to us that she just might listen to an outside source. It was just a suggestion. Ashley and my husband apparently thought it was a nonsense approach and we are clearly not on the same page with that one. Can't blame me for trying. I guess I will just leave it to Ashley to figure it out since she knows everything. It is, after all, HER future.