Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline addresses the rumors surrounding the infamous book!

on Jun 2, 2009

Dina and Lexi were so cute to watch. They remind me of Ashley and me. The transition from little girl to the teen years is VERY difficult for both the parent and the child. You want to hold onto that little girl and keep her in those "Cinderella panties," but she wants to be more grown up, independent and break away from you a little. They get their grown up bodies and boys start to like them. Their friends become their top priority and you get less and less cool and get on their nerves when you try to say or do anything to guide them. They have a little more attitude and they become more opinionated because of hormones. It's hard. I hate to say it Dina, but Lexi is only 13 and she's just getting started. Buckle up! It can be a bumpy ride my friend! Lexi is a great kid so I have no doubt that she will turn out just fine. That send off for Lexi's trip to Cyprus with her Dad was both so funny and heartwarming at the same time. I loved it. Thank God she came back unharmed and without some funky disease or something.

Dancing With the Stars was a lot of fun! I couldn't stop laughing at my niece and nephews as they did their version of the salsa. They are so much fun! I can never stop smiling and laughing when they are around. How cute was Albie with his, " Cha, Cha the Goldfish face?" Everybody was just playing off of each other and having a good time. I honestly never saw Danielle mauling Albie. I was too busy trying not to trip over my own feet. Danielle took the class more seriously than the rest of us because she can ACTUALLY dance and has a PASSION for it. She was really interested in learning the art of the dance. The dance school and the lessons we took were MEANT TO BE taken seriously, but with OUR group...FUGGETABOUTIT! It was all about having fun. NEXT time Caroline...join in!