Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline explains her difficult relationship with Danielle.

on Jun 10, 2009


Ashley's photo shoot was meant to be a good experience and to give a little boost to her self esteem. It is something she has been wanting for a long time. We decided since she was doing so well in summer school we would throw her a little bone. Ashley and I really hadn't taken a professional picture together in years so I thought it would be nice. I think at some point she started to feel a little uncomfortable in front of the camera and it didn't help for me to comment on that. I was only trying to help. It really upset her and she started flipping out on me out of frustration and embarrassment. I have just learned that it is never good to engage in that type of behavior. I have learned to keep my mouth shut and walk away before it escalates into something bigger. I've learned to pick my battles and there is a time and place for everything. I find when I do that she feels more guilty about the way she behaved and realizes how much she was out of line and is more apologetic and tries harder to control herself. I talked to her about the situation later when we weren't in a public place and explained how she could have handled things better and how I didn't appreciate the way she spoke to me. She did apologize. I was so embarrassed when the photographer was showing Ashley the pictures he took and all she could say was that she hated all of them. I felt like she was insulting his work and sounded like a little brat. By the time the photographer was ready for the mother/daughter picture I just wasn't feeling the warm and fuzzy bonding moment between us that I should have. Any thoughts of giving her the car were diminishing quickly. I'm not so sure now.

A lot of people have questions and opinions about my relationship with Danielle. We met right before the taping of the show. I learned right away that Danielle had a very strong personality. I can pretty much get along with anybody. In fact, I tend to like all people when I first meet them. I feel like I am really accepting of people. My sister-in-law Dina went out with Danielle when she first met her and from that moment there was a clash in personality. Not everyone gets along with everybody. She just wasn't Dina's cup of tea. I think Danielle was just trying hard to fit in but my sister-in-laws get very cautious of people that try to come on so strong so fast and I think they were a few other concerns as well. Danielle needed money fast, so I think there was some concern that she would try to con me for some, or use me for her benefit in some way. I think the rejection of my family angered Danielle more. I was honest to Danielle about the way they felt about her so she would just back off a little and forget trying to pursue their friendship. They had no interest in being her friend. Danielle seemed to treat me nice so I had no reason not to like her, but there was something about her that waved a red flag to everyone else in the family and I was warned MANY times not to trust her or be her friend. I knew we were all doing a show together so I wanted to make it work and for everyone to get along. It caused increasing problems within the family. There was a short time during filming where Caroline and Dina became very upset with me for continuing my friendship with her and Dina and I were battling it out about that and other things, but I NEVER wanted to make that public on the show, because I know that it always blows over quickly and I didn't think it was appropriate to air. There were times when I begged Danielle not to put me in an uncomfortable situation in front of the cameras by talking about Dina, but she chose to do so anyway. I warned her, if my husband saw that, it would probably be the end of our friendship. It would upset him and the family and I would have to choose my husbands feelings and wishes first. I won't let ANY friendship cause a rift between my husband and I. She seemed to respect that. During this taping there were numerous friends and people approaching my family about RECENT stories of Danielle that had NOTHING to do with the book. The book was a WHOLE other story. It was making everyone uncomfortable but it is not like me to cut someone out of my life unless they directly try to hurt me.