Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline explains her difficult relationship with Danielle.

on Jun 10, 2009

Now to answer some viewer questions...
My husband and I met in Chicago the summer of 1996 at a trade show. I was modeling and he was a buyer and we were introduced by the girl I was working with that knew him. It was an instant connection. We became the best of friends shortly after and it led to years of a long distance relationship before we made the big move the summer of 2001. Although it was hard to leave my family and friends, whom I am VERY close with, it was the best move I ever made. Life is good!

For those of you who think I don't have a back bone... TRUST me, I DO! EVERYone has their breaking point and although I am a nice person, when pushed too far...the Taurus bull in me will come out and you better watch out for the horns because I WILL charge. LOL! I just have a VERY high tolerance for people and situations. It takes a WHOLE lot to get me angry but when I do...YIKES! So STOP saying I'm a push over. I just pick and choose my battles. That's all! I'm not a hothead.

The party favors at my son's birthday party were from Party City. I filled them with candy, playdoh, bubbles and a variety of the cheap little toys kids like to play with.

I wear Lancome's lipliner in Ideal or Amandelle. My lipstick is Lancomes, Bisque, Beige Cashmere or rose crystal. My lip gloss is NARS Turkish delight or Orgasm.

The maroon hooded sweatshirt I wore while Danielle explained her book to me is by Lauren Moshi.

Thank you all for all of your support and your well wishes for me and my family and the upcoming birth of our son, Nicholas this Thursday, June 11th! We are so excited!

I'm sorry I can't remember all of your questions right now but I will review them again and answer them in the next blog. Thank you so much for your support. You all have been so great through this whole experience. XXOO! Take care!