Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline reflects on the night of the hair pull and wonders if Danielle was hurt or just playing the victim.

on Jul 20, 2010


You know that old excuse, "My dog ate my homework"? Well, that's sort of what happened to my last blog. Our family was down in LBI (Loveladies) for two weeks so I brought my computer and my phone with me. I had been working on my blog on my computer when I noticed that the battery was about to die. I went to get my charger for it when I realized that my puppy had chewed it in half. It was too annoying to write it from my phone so I decided to wait until I got home. Once I got home, I decided to just combine the two episodes into one long blog. So here I go....

WOW! That really was an unbe"weave"able night! Admittedly, I DID think that Ashley made a funny and clever pun and I laughed out loud at the line, but I NEVER wanted or expected Ashley to post it on the internet. I think I may have even started with the puns by saying, "Come on Ashley, it's time to 'weave' Danielle alone." I think that's why Ashley said it was my idea. I guess I sent her mixed signals. I think she confused my laughing at the pun jokes with her thinking she had the green light to post something like that on the internet. I was VERY against her posting ANYthing about Danielle on the internet and when I'd see or hear she did, I would yell at her for it and I would make her take it down immediately. I don't think the incident that night was funny at all, but like I have explained before, I will find the humor in any bad situation and the pun jokes on the weave were funny to me. Sorry, not going to lie. Maybe it was disrespectful, but it was also humorous. I think I also found the humor in Teresa saying, "Is bitch better?" and running like a gazelle in high heels and a chinchilla coat. Never mind, I don't expect you to get it or find the humor I find it in it because that's just me. It was the first chuckle I had after a stressful night. I think my husband and I made it very clear to Ashley that we were not happy at all with Ashley's actions. We conveyed that to her many times. We ALL acted like a bunch of fools, but I guess it made good TV.

Despite the way it looked, I'm being honest with you when I say that I STILL don't believe Teresa was ever going to do any physical harm to Danielle. But Teresa was hell bent on getting in Danielle's face, to see if she had the guts to say to her face everything Danielle was saying and doing behind her back. She was going to call Danielle out and she WAS hoping to put an end to all the nonsense, but things just escalated too quickly and spun out of control.

There were rumors that Danielle befriended Teresa's husband's lawyer's wife in attempt to pry for private legal information about them from her. When we saw the show later we noticed that the wife was even sitting at Danielle's table. When Danielle was taunting Teresa that her house was in foreclosure, it confirmed that the rumors we had heard were true. The only problem was that the house that was in foreclosure was an investment property of theirs and NOT the house they live in. STILL, to this day, the house Teresa lives in is NOT in foreclosure. Danielle got her facts wrong and was spreading them everywhere she could. Danielle had also tried to befriend people in Dina's life and began to feed them with many damaging lies. On top of that, Danielle also gave them a series of numbers to help set up a case. The lies Danielle told them, along with the separate lies she told in a different story to the public trying hide from what she REALLY did, were BOTH just as despicable. There is proof of what Danielle did and TRIED to do and it was a LOT more than just "giving a phone number out." As far as Danielle saying that she hasn't tried to dig up anything on us ... LIE! I She is relentless. She actually tried to get a relative of a friend of mine to act as a friend of hers on the show and she wanted to feed her what to say about us. She actually called a meeting with others she filmed with to plot out what she wanted them to say about us. She is sick and she is a LIAR! Danielle constantly tries to stir the pot with her foul tongue. She is continually making up and spreading outrageous and dangerous lies about us. She is continually plotting behind the scenes to bring us down, continually spreading lies about us, calling the media to sell stories on us, stalking us, sending us threats through others, ETC. She is a dangerous person on many levels and hangs out with dangerous people.