Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline opens up about her relationship with Danielle and the Brownstone drama.

on May 31, 2010


Buckle up! This will be an EXTRA LONG blog. Feel free to skip to the paragraphs that interest you. That's fine with me. A few people complain when I write about Danielle. You say I sound bitter. I am and rightfully so. I do appreciate your advice but just so you are aware, we ARE in season right now and this blog is meant for me to unload on anything pertaining to the show and the people involved in it so therefore that is exactly what I use it for. Danielle is a character on our show that has had a big negative influence on my life as well as many others I care about. As long as Danielle is on our show I WILL vent my frustrations about her on here. It is relevant to the show and some people DO want to know. If you can't handle it, DON'T READ IT! It is simple as that. Danielle expects it. Don't judge me for judging others because that would be hypocritical. I have my own opinions of people just like you do. We won't always agree. You are as entitled to your own opinion as I am. Moving on...

Bringing home Audriana. It is such a special moment when you bring your newborn baby home for the first time. I remember the feeling when I first put Nicholas into his crib. I felt like he was always meant to be here with us. He fit right in. Does that make sense? It was such an overwhelming feeling of peace, joy and love that he was finally here, in my arms, in our home, where we waited for him for so long. I found myself staring at him for hours, smiling, looking at every part of his cute little face, fingers and toes. I still do. It was great to see Ashley and CJ bonding with him and giving him love. Teresa's kids are the same way with Audriana. They love her with everything they have. It is so sweet to watch. They will all have such a close, special bond as sisters when they are older. They are lucky to have each other and the family that they have. I still wonder if Teresa will have any more children. I think so. Joe thinks so. Teresa does not think so. I thought it was funny when Joe said to Teresa, "You pushed that kid out like she was a ping pong ball." LOL!

What is it with guys and their refusal and fear of getting "the snip"? It's NO BIG DEAL and a guy's recovery is nothing compared to that of a woman tying her tubes. Your parts still work the same after for God sake. It's not like they cut your balls off or pull a Lorena Bobbitt on you. I think most men have a misconception of what getting "the snip" really consists of. It's a mental thing. In the cosmetology world, we never tell a child that we are going to "cut" their hair. We say "trim" because it sounds less painful. Maybe we should tell men they are going to get "the trim" and see how that plays out. Just a thought. I have had this same conversation with my husband. When Joe said," I'm not that guy." My husband started laughing because HE'S not that guy either. I wish some men would take into consideration that women go through a whole pregnancy and childbirth, sometimes multiple times, for their men and it would be a very considerate gesture on a man's part to fix themselves to at least spare your woman from having to avoid more unnecessary trauma to their bodies. It's the LEAST men could do. My husband got lucky because we made the decision to cut, tie and burn my tubes during my C-section while I was already opened up. It just made sense to do it then. We took into consideration our ages, the fact that it took so long to have Nicholas, and felt like we were already so blessed and grateful to have three healthy children. Unless we decide to adopt, there will be no more babies in our future together. Although it makes me sad to know that, I do look forward to having grandkids someday. SOMEday!

I wanted to point out an interesting observation. Danielle and my neighbor Kim G. went to a bar in my town about two minutes from my home called Endless Vine. Danielle does NOT live in our town. Danielle is aware that this is a bar that Chris and I go to. Why didn't Danielle feel the fear of running into us THAT night and felt brave enough to go there without her back up but yet she felt the fear enough to attend the Brownstone to have to bring her whole army of felons with her to a benefit for a baby with cancer? Strange isn't it? SOMEthing is not adding up. Think about it.