Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline opens up about her relationship with Danielle and the Brownstone drama.

on May 31, 2010

5. Caroline had asked Christopher to avoid Danielle when possible. Albert tells Christopher that Danielle is a guest like everyone else and to treat her like any other guest. They realize it's a public place and anyone is welcome. We ALL know Danielle is going to be there and we ALL avoid the Brownstone like the plague. We are not looking to intimidate or terrorize Danielle. That is Danielle's game plan and HER way. Danielle used a sick baby's benefit for her own quest for revenge with no regard for who the true guest of honor was or the mission the family was trying to accomplish.

6. Danielle arrives over an hour and a half late to the Brownstone with her Motley crew to attend the sick baby's benefit. She likes to make a grand entrance. After all, in her narcissistic mind, this event is about her.

7. Christopher sees Danielle pulling up and listens to his mother by walking away to avoid confrontation. He clearly does not want conflict.

8. Danielle approaches Christopher to shake his hand and thank him for allowing her to be there. He is very polite in return. Danielle, on the other hand, being the phony she is, states in her interview that she only approached and talked to him to send him an intentional psychological F' YOU and to let him know that she is walking into HIS second home, HIS place of business and it felt good to her. This hostility and calculating move was intended toward a KID who never has done ANYthing to Danielle. This aggression is coming from a grown woman towards a young man.

9. Christopher sees how overly dressed up Danielle and Kim G. were compared to the casually dressed people that were already attending the benefit. He makes a comment to Kim G. that they are "Going to be surprised" when they go upstairs. When Kim asks, "Why?" Just READ THE CAPTIONS on your TV as Christopher is answering her. It clearly says that Christopher thought they were overdressed. It was a hunting theme and the grand prize was a shot gun. NOTICE Danielle was nowhere around when Christopher and Kim G. had that conversation, yet Danielle speaks of it in her interview as if she was there and heard it for herself. She claims Christopher said it in a "sadistic manner." If you watch it again you will see that it just isn't so.