Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline opens up about her relationship with Danielle and the Brownstone drama.

on May 31, 2010

10. Danielle goes to be seated at her appointed "Preakness table" when she realizes there isn't enough room for her unannounced guests. One of her classy ex felon guests demanded the Brownstone put another "F'n table" in the room immediately. I can assure you that he never said that to one of the Manzos because I guarantee if he had, the outcome would have been a LOT different.

11. Please note how accommodating the Brownstone was being and it was never good enough for Danielle. Please also note that it is NOT the Brownstone who decides the seating charts for any events that are held there. The person holding the event told the Brownstone how may tables to put in the room based on the amount of tickets sold. When there are 12 extra people unannounced, guess what? There won't be a table set up waiting for them. Common sense.

12. At one point the baby's uncle showed Danielle at table of six that was available. She turned her head away from it and ignored that fact. She apparently didn't like the location. Meanwhile, her biker gang was starting to make a scene that Danielle seemed to be enjoying and proud of … "That's how WE roll!" Chuckle, chuckle – Danielle.

13. While a giant slide show of the beautiful sick baby played on the screen behind her, Danielle smiles, poses for pictures and laughs at the ruckus her Motley Crew were causing in the entrance to the room. Danielle has made a circus out of this very important fundraiser for a very special sick little baby girl in TOTAL disregard for this families sensitive struggles. It disgusts me that a mother of two girls could behave in this manner and surround herself and her children around those dangerous people. What kind of example is this for her children?

14. Just when you think she can't get any worse, she steps out of the room with her ex con, wanna be Gangster (Wangster) Danny for a little "consensus" update on whether or not they are going to "wreck the place" and "start something." Danielle's only stipulation in her command to this felon, with his Napoleon complex, was to not hurt the family of the little girl. How very caring of her. Besides that, tough guy has her permission to "let loose" on anyone else. WOW! If she was so concerned about this family and the well being of their beautiful little girl, why would she even have invited this group of classless, reckless junkies to a benefit as sensitive at this one in the first place? She turned it into a circus and made it all about herself and her vendetta. SHAME ON HER! Disgusting.