Jill Zarin

The Real NY Housewife shares her thoughts on the dramatic NJ Season Finale.

on Jun 17, 2009


Wow...I didn't blog last week because quite honestly I was bored. Well, I am not bored anymore! I don't even know where to start. OK, scene one. I can't help but focus on Danielle. I have said in the past that I don't like four against one and try to be impartial. I do call it the way I see it. She decides after the book has been discovered to tell her children for the FIRST TIME that it exists and that the only three things are true: She was a stripper, got arrested and changed her name. I need to STOP here first. She casually said these three things when in fact each one individually is extremely damaging and life changing. Changed her name? Who does that? I can think of only two reasons. 1. Witness protection or 2. Plea-bargaining with the "feds" and turning in major drug dealers for a deal. Either is extremely dangerous. What normal person would risk their safely and privacy after going through the effort of changing their name? CHANGING YOUR NAME? Just think about that for a second. She risked everything for money and fame. Now her ex husband really does have grounds to take custody of the girls. She has put her children in possible imminent danger. I am the queen of accountability so here we go.

At dinner Danielle, you told Teresa to LISTEN and that only two things in the book were true: Getting arrested and the name change. So what happened to being a stripper? Did you forget? Or did you want to try to humiliate Theresa and talk down to her? "Pay attention please." But Teresa surprised you, didn't she? I think Teresa was the popular girl in high school and probably had one boyfriend. I also think she was the jealous type and would scratch out the eyes of any girl that looked at her man (she still would for her husband) and that is the girl she became when she flipped the table. "No one puts baby in the corner" comes to mind right now. I digress...sorry.

Jacqueline's parents came to town. Adorable. Love them. Colonel in the Army. Listen to your father in your head when you don't know what to do as a parent. He can teach you anything you want to know about discipline. By the way, can he tell me where to rent one of those motorhomes? I am dying to go cross-country or just visit the National Parks in one of those things. DYING. I can have Wayne drive us in August and maybe stop in your town. So if anyone knows where I can rent one please go to www.jillzarin.com and post on my blog. I love that she calls Chris Dad.