Jill Zarin

The Real NY Housewife shares her thoughts on the dramatic NJ Season Finale.

on Jun 17, 2009

I didn't know what to think of Dina. I have to say I was not the biggest fan after episode one but I really feel differently now. Do you? I see her warmth. I thought she was cold at first. Now I see her as a loving mother trying to be the best mom she can be while watching her child grown up (do you think I can relate?) I hear Lexi got tall, gorgeous and contacts. (Not that she isn't now!) If you study the show you see her last interviews look different.

Caroline, can we set up a play date for Ginger and the new puppies? I noticed the nice car Danielle was driving. Did she pay for that or was it a "gift"? She complains how tight money is. Where does she get it all? An 11,000 sq. foot home costs at least 100k to keep up (taxes, landscaping, insurance, utilities.) If she doesn't work and her ex and ex ex do not give her money, how does she support her family? Just curious. There is just too much for me to go over so I will continue with the "nuggets" I uncovered or should I say the fans uncovered online tonight (you know who you are!) Did anyone notice the pocketbook that Danielle walked into the restaurant with? Where did the "book" come from?

Teresa tries to have fun with Danielle and engages in a very uncomfortable conversation about her sex life to make her comfortable and to make her laugh, because sex is all Danielle talks about every episode. All Danielle was thinking of was how to pick a fight with everyone.

The evening started off warm and loving. No one could have anticipated the trouble Danielle was about to start. I know I sound like I hate Danielle, but I call it the way I see it. Danielle would like to pull the "victim" card out, but I won't let her. She is NOT a victim. A victim would not take out a book (that certainly did NOT fit in the pocketbook she walked in with) that supposedly is full of lies and openly show the cover on national TV in front of millions of viewers unless she was stupid and Danielle is anything but stupid. She could have easily had the same discussion PRIVATELY without the children in the room anytime or anyplace (even with cameras rolling.) But to do this in front of her own kids shows her to be a narcissist who only wants to be famous at any and all costs. She openly threatened all of the ladies on national TV ("I'll be knocking on your door and I won't come alone") and quite honestly I would get a restraining order against her. I wouldn't let her within 100 feet of my house or family. I have met people like her before. She looks normal. Could you have EVER imagined the story she admitted to? If she admitted to being a stripper, being arrested and changing her name, imagine what the truth really is. She says the book was written about her and never thought to mention to her children after she signed on for a TV Show? She has been threatening in past episodes, but this one is the icing on the cake.