Jill Zarin

Real Housewife of NYC Jill Zarin shares her thoughts on this week's Real Housewives of New Jersey.

on May 26, 2009

Danielle, please, I beg you, I can't watch smart women get shot up on TV anymore. I like my Botox too, but does anyone really want to see the needle go in? Let's agree to let Dr. 90210 do the plastic surgery on TV. The producers wanted me to do my breast reduction on the show last season, but I chose to keep it private for a reason. I hope and pray that in the future, plastic surgery on TV is kept to a minimum. I did LOVE Teresa's honesty when she said she was only there because it was free. I can think of two things right now: "Nothing is free" and "You get what you pay for." Do either of these sayings ring true since filming that scene?

Dina, thank you for reminding me to teach Ally how to fend for herself. Time passes so quickly and I always say I will teach her tomorrow. Tomorrow is today and Ally, you need to clean up your room now! Also, you need to start making us dinner once a week. Seriously, if not now, when? When will she ever learn how to be self-sufficient?

Jacqueline, if you are going to "Mama Caroline" for help, then LISTEN to her! She is right. I hope you did not give Lauren the car, or at least I hope you waited until after she passed summer school to give it to her.

Danielle, you said early in the episode that people should "own it," meaning you don't like liars. Were you a stripper? If yes...own it. You seemed to be self-conscious in front of the cameras and what your children would "see" on the show, yet you used the most vulgar language imaginable when you stepped outside to gossip about Steve at dinner. Clearly he was "not that into you" and it showed. As Bethenny says, "You need to check yourself before you wreck yourself."