Teresa Giudice

Teresa responds to recent bankruptcy rumors and sets the record straight for inquiring fans.

on Jul 27, 2010


Funniest line of the episode: Danielle, "I am the best mother in the world." I really can't even make that even funnier. I'll just leave it to stand on its own.

Thank you all for your continued support! My book signings are starting to feel like rock concerts! Over 1,000 people are showing up and they are having to close the streets! But I always stay and meet every single person, even if it's after midnight. And I do have the most fabulous, beautiful fans in the world!!!!

I’m hard at work on my next book, a follow-up with Skinny Italian. It’s going to be fabulous! I can’t wait! Visit me on my website www.teresagiudice.com , or join my Fan page on Facebook (I’ve maxed out on friends so they won’t let me accept anymore, I’m so sorry, but you can "like" me), and follow me on Twitter @teresa_giudice.

Tanti Baci!