Teresa Giudice

Teresa talks Jacqueline's baby, her new book, and Danielle self-destructive behavior.

on May 4, 2010

Isn’t Caroline adorable around her husband? She still giggles like a schoolgirl even after all these years. Joe and I are like that too. So are Jacqueline and Chris. We might be crazy New Jersey beyotches, but we know how to love our hubbies and love our lives. Happy wife, happy life!

You know who else has been happily married forever and is so much fun to be around because they fill the room with love? My parents. I couldn’t believe my dad asked the babysitter about her time of the month when we were making red sauce! I mean, it has to be asked, but by me, not him. Embarrassing. I loved that Gia tied a kerchief in her hair. She looked like a little Italian mamma! We do make 180 jars of red sauce every August. It’s not as hard as it looks (I teach you the entire process in Skinny Italian and even give you the background on the whole period-spoils-the-tomatoes thing...)

I did want to clear up two things about church and ponies. My family does go to church. We’re Catholic, we celebrated two sacraments this year - Gia’s First Communion and Audriana’s Christening – and, believe it or not, we don’t yell at our priests. Second, we donate all of our used stuff to the Salvation Army, but that giant pink pony was in no condition to go anywhere else except the trash can. You couldn’t tell on TV, but it was really old and dusty
(and obviously too big to be washed!) It was ripped and stuffing was coming out and getting all over there toy room. After three little girls loved it for years, it had to go to pony heaven.

The only sad thing about this episode was watching Danielle self-destruct in front of her kids. They are obviously smart and beautiful. It was painful to hear them begging their mother to come back from the crazy. I know I said some crazy things (I don’t really remember all the jokes, but they were obviously jokes and I was obviously pregnant, so I plead temporary belly brain...), but when these things are said by a child, it’s not funny at all: "Calm down," "Don’t be an ass," "You’re messing yourself up right now," "I’m not going to sit here and watch you make a jerk of yourself," "I’m not going to support you in this," "Leave it alone," "Not a good idea," and "You’re a creepy stalker." I think more than anyone ever could, Danielle and her own children speak for themselves...

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