Teresa Giudice

Teresa explains why she's not a stage mom.

on May 26, 2009

Oh so here we have the dreaded stage mom episode. I knew this was coming! The day of Gia's photo shoot we were there from 9am, she was working the camera like nobody's business. She was dancing all around and having a blast. Any child would get tired, even if she was playing at the park. Eventually a kid gets tired. Believe me, my daughters love to be in the spotlight. I would never force them to do anything. I was kind of directing the shoot because I wanted to be sure that everything was done right this time. Last time I didn't put in my two cents and look what happened. They loaded her up with makeup and made her look like a pageant princess. I just wanted to be sure things were done right so we wouldn't have to do this again.

We were all joking around the night of Danielle's spa party. I don't know why Danielle got so upset about Dina's comment. By the way, I could vouch for the fact that Dina's lips are REAL. I have known this girl since she was 22 and she has had the same lips from day one.

About what Danielle said about Dina at her barbecue with Jacqueline. I have known Dina for so long, if any of those horrible things that Danielle said about Dina were true, I think I would have seen some of that over the past 13 years. Don't you think? Danielle knows NOTHING about Dina. So once again, there goes Danielle's bullshit. Damn, I wish I had that money tree...LOL. (See my last blog if you don't get that joke!)