Teresa Giudice

Teresa talks about her "screaming cat," her fashion show throwdown with Danielle, and more.

on Jun 29, 2010


Hi Honey!
I don’t wanna call you honey, bitch. Is that better? Is bitch better? How was that for a cliffhanger? I was traveling on my book tour – LOVE you Miami!!! – and I didn’t get to see this episode early, so I watched it live like you guys. And I have to say, my blood pressure was going up a little bit. It was tense!

Let’s start with nice first. It was so weird to see Caroline as a little sister, wasn’t it? I’m so used to her being everyone’s big sister. It made me so sad to hear her say that her kids were just five-years-old and she turned around and now they’re all grown up. I feel that way already and my kids are still little! I can’t believe Audriana is already crawling!

Isn’t it sad to see someone as strong as Caroline cry? I feel bad for her. I am not looking forward to an empty nest.

Yes, I do call the camel toe a "screaming cat." I don’t know why. One of Joe’s cousins told me it was called that, and I thought it was funny, and somehow not as gross-sounding as camel toe.

Ashley is a beautiful girl and she did a great job on the runway. I see in Danielle’s non-blog that she’s apologizing to Ashley. Really? Now? Now that you see what a raging lunatic you are to pick on a teenager? And which part are you apologizing for? Calling her a bad model or a coke whore? Ridiculous!