Teresa Giudice

Teresa talks bringing baby Audriana home, Gia's birthday bash, and Danielle drama.

on Jun 1, 2010

I’m not going to talk about the benefit at the Brownstone very much because I wasn’t there and I think Caroline and Jacqueline and Dina all did a beautiful job explaining it in their blogs. (Although I have to say, the fact that Caroline and Dina stayed home from what they knew would be a big drama proves that they are classy women who have no interest in going after Danielle. And I thought Chris handled himself very well. What a gentleman!)

If you didn’t see it, there is an excellent interview that the father of Emanuela gave yesterday about how Danielle used his daughter’s charity event for selfish revenge: http://shar.es/mJmEO In it he says, and I quote: "Danielle has yet to donate ANY money herself." Not a dime. Thank the Lord, little Emanuela's cancer is in remission. If you want to make a donation to help with their huge medical bills, go to www.emanuelasheartforhope.com .

I see that all of the other Housewives have also included links to ways to help Emanuela – and none of us were even there, let alone “honored guests” – except Danielle. Danielle, who really should know all about how to help this little girl, instead suggests that fans privately contact HER to talk about sending in money. Shady much???

Alright, Danielle, now I’m going to address you directly, you vile piece of GARBAGE. I’ve done my best to keep quiet all season while you call my children names on your blog and write lies about me and my family. Do you even know what "defaming" means, Danielle? I know that you, UNLIKE ME, didn’t go to college, but really, learn some freakin’ vocabulary yourself. To defame someone means to damage their good reputation, character, or name by slander or libel. Slander or libel means lies. Our first problem here is that you don’t have a good reputation, a good character, or even a real name. So it would be impossible to defame you. Second, saying you have big balls is not a lie, it’s a joke. And apparently you are too stupid to even see that it was a joke in your favor. I was actually complimenting you for your bravery. I take it back. You have no balls. You are a spineless, sagging wind tunnel...