Teresa Giudice

Teresa talks Gia's Fashion Week debut, shopping with three girls, and "ugly runway" looks.

on May 18, 2010

I was glad they showed a typical dinner at our house. Me cooking up a storm, the girls setting the table. We eat dinner together every single night. It was great to have Caroline and Albie come over. We pulled out the fancy plates, my Gucci dinnerware. My mom got it for me for my bridal shower. Love! I cooked veal, by the way. Very easy, very healthy, very delicious. The recipe is in my book.

I make the girls call Caroline, Jacqueline and Dina and any adults that are close to our family “Auntie” as a sign of respect. It was wonderful to see “Auntie Caroline” and “Auntie Jacqueline” at Gia’s runway show. I didn’t start crying until Jacqueline did! And then I teared up again watching the episode on TV. It was just such a great day. It was so much fun. I was just so happy for Gia.

Let’s see, what else? Jacqueline sending flowers to Christine and painting with Nicholas shows yet again what a wonderful mother with a wonderful heart she is.

Oh yeah, and Danielle… To answer some of your questions, no, of course I don’t want to talk about Danielle. If it seems like I’m going out of my way to comment on her, it’s because I am. I don’t want to, but I’m on a show with her. I have to talk about her on camera, I have to see her when I would rather not, and I have to blog about her. That’s the point of the show. We’re all on the show together and we interact. If we all got along all the time, it wouldn’t be real and it wouldn’t be fun to watch, right?

So, let’s get it over with and talk about Danielle. Yet again she was oozing crazy all over her kids. It makes me so sad to see how she talks to them like they are her age and have all her hang-ups. They are kids. Let them be kids! Don’t force them to sit and listen to your crazy, insecure voicemails.