Teresa Giudice

Teresa talks Tae Kwon Do, self-defense classes, and Danielle's "scary" threats.

on Jul 20, 2010


Hi Honey!
First of all, a huge thank you to all the amazing fans I met this week at my book signings! At each event, over 600 gorgeous people showed up! I have the most fabulous fans!

How freakin’ cute were my girls making pizza? We’ve always made homemade pizza – that’s why we opened a pizzeria! I share my secret recipe for the best crust in the world and six different kinds of pizza in Skinny Italian. My favorite is Pizza Giudice.

Yes, Joe’s pizzeria is open for business. And yes, I do go help him whenever he needs me. If you’re in Hillside, New Jersey, stop by Giuseppe’s Homestyle Pizzeria at 1576 Maple Avenue. You might see me but you’ll definitely see him. He works crazy long hours, as everyone in the restaurant business does. I’m so proud of him. He’s an entrepreneur, but not the kind who sits behind a phone and just makes deals – the kind who rolls up his sleeves and works 18 hour days.

Joe has been taking the girls to Tae Kwon Do and mixed martial arts since they could walk. How cute were they in their helmets, bowing to each other? Like I said, they are tough cookies.

I was glad to see Danielle’s daughters boxing as well. I think every girl needs to know how to defend herself. And how beautiful are those two? I was not happy though to see a self-defense lesson turn – as it always does – to focus on their mama’s crazy. You could see how uncomfortable they were when their mom was practicing punching mine and Jacqueline’s face. So not cool. Danielle had so much to say about how Jacqueline is raising Ashley. Look at yourself Danielle! Jacqueline constantly tells Ashley how behave, how to rise above, what’s right and wrong. You don’t see Jacqueline practicing punching things and saying it’s Danielle in front of her kids. None of us do that. To quote Danielle: "How horrible for those kids!" A year ago, they were playing with mine and Jacqueline’s kids. They spent the weekend with us at our beach house. And now they have to watch their mom all paranoid and crazy practicing attacking people they were friends with?