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Keep Looking Forward

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Keep Looking Forward

Caroline explains why she always puts family first.

So, here we are again.

OK, before everyone goes nuts on my Lauren...Yes, she knows what the seven continents are. You have to understand Christopher, he is a b*** buster! That is one of the things everyone is going to have to get used to about the Manzo's - we have a VERY dry sense of humor, so take everything we say with a grain of salt.  The laughter we share together as a family is an integral part of who we are. I will admit that one of Lauren's concerns about going to cosmetology school was that her hands were going to hurt. We laughed at the time thinking she was crazy, but guess what, it seems that hand pain is a common problem among the students. Who knew?

We have a VERY dry sense of humor, so take everything we say with a grain of salt.

I hope you all enjoyed my little puppy, Austin. He is twelve years old and a very important member of our family. However, it is not common practice for Austin to be present at the dinner table eating from a fork. I don't even remember that, truth be told. But, I have to admit, he looked so damn cute, it made me laugh. I'm just grateful that it was Austin and not one of the Shepherds...that would've been a little much!

Al felt pretty bad when he saw the scene of us on the deck with Lauren. Unfortunately, the viewers only heard that one small comment about her being "stupid." There was so much more said than that, and we are not at all the type of parents to belittle our children. We are their biggest fans, and the three of them are very secure in the knowledge that Mom and Dad couldn't be prouder of the young men and woman they have become. However, when they say something "stupid," they are going to know about it. That's part of my job description! I find it a little unsettling to have to defend that, but this is my world now, so there you go.

But, as I always say, keep looking forward, never look behind.

Dina, well there you have it, she's a work bitch. Guess what? I understand. Whenever Dina is in "work mode" she becomes a different person. What we all have come to realize about Dina is that she is a perfectionist. She is very passionate about what she does, and pleasing her client is very important to her. In this case, her "clients" were the terminally ill children of St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center. I can't think of a more deserving bunch to "bitch" for. The event was a huge success and as they say, "If you didn't have a great time, it was your own fault." LOL

Jacqueline made me sad. But, as I always say, keep looking forward, never look behind. I think Jacqueline has good reason to smile now, and put the past where it belongs. Ashley knows how to push Jacqueline's buttons, that's for sure. I know Jacqueline and Chris discipline her, but when they dish out a punishment, they have to commit to it, and not let Ashley wear them down. I have faith in them, and I have faith in Ashley too. I think they will all survive the "teen years" just fine. How cute is my little CJ! I can't even stand it, I just want to hug and kiss him up all of the time!

Teresa, oh Teresa! Just for the record, Milania was NOT stealing from the register. The clerk allowed all of the girls to go behind the register and "check out" for themselves! As far as the girls and their excitement level while shopping, well, I'm sure every woman can relate to a good "power shop." I think we witnessed one in all of its toddler glory!

I'm sure every woman can relate to a good "power shop." I think we witnessed one in all of its toddler glory!


That's all for now, have a great week! Thank you so much for watching!

Dina: What am I Doing Here?

Dina Manzo explains what it's like to sit on the reunion couch.

Hi all, 

I kind of meant what I said on that couch -- this show is so f---ed up. As I sit and watch the reunion, I wonder what goes through people's head sometimes. Bobby literally spitting on me as he screams at a friend of 10 years, Jim whipping out his files and then of all things says I have a fat ass, LOL! For what? Fame? I literally sat there saying to myself time and time again, "What the hell am I doing here?" Again, not ever saying I'm too good, but just different. There is something really beautiful that came out of this though...I am seeing some real proof of my practices. Take a look

Sending you a ton of love for your support! 

Dina xoxo