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Bullshit Buzzer

Dina explains why she'd never be friends with someone like Danielle!

Hello All,
I want to start by thanking you for your kind words, I truly appreciate it and on this wild rollercoaster that we are on it sometimes helps me get through the day! xoxo it looks like I may have to address a few issues from last week before I move onto episode 2. I would also like to answer a few fan questions.

1. I will say this once again and maybe this time I have to be a little less silly about this issue. It is a serious matter. I DID NOT LEAVE MY CAR PARKED IN THAT HANDICAP PARKING SPOT! I am actually getting hate mail over this. Not only do I work with sick children every day, but my own mother has a handicap tag. So why on earth would I do something like that? The car was moved within seconds.

2. I think my cats are beautiful. I have been getting a lot of inquiries about the bald one. She is a Sphynx, her name is “Grandma Wrinkle” and she is a lover. The Chinchilla Persian is named “Ladybug”…of course. I also have a paralyzed bunny named “Handsome” and a love bird we call “Belle” who murdered her lover “Monkey” a few months ago. The homicide is still under investigation.

3. Lots of people have been asking about all the buddahs and religious accents in my home. I am a very spiritual person and just like to surround myself with empowering and positive symbols. I never leave the house without some kind of religious or spiritual piece of jewelry on. It just makes me feel protected.

4. My darling husband will not be making an appearance on the show. We have our time together in the mornings when we have breakfast and we have date night once a week. He works so hard and on his down time he didn’t want cameras in his face. I respected his wishes and happen to agree with him.

OK, now onto DANIELLE”S BLOG last week. Danielle, Danielle, just don’t know when to quit do you? The girl admits she pushes buttons and I like to say she knows exactly where my buttons are. Here’s the truth.

“Girls night out”:
Before dinner we were headed to the premiere of Sex and the City. We had four tickets…COUNT THEM DANIELLE, FOUR. Even if we had an extra ticket you would not be included, because you were running your mouth and spreading lies about me all over town. I wouldn’t invite anyone who does this for a trip to the supermarket, never mind a girl's night out. Teresa was invited to the after dinner from day one, which by the way, she DID join us with another girlfriend of hers. On the bench outside the salon Danielle said she likes to make people angry. Huh? That is just unhealthy. LOL.

“I will kick your ass”:
The $750 that I asked her to give to my brother was something Danielle gladly took the thousands and thousands of dollars profit that came out of the deal. By the way, I absolutely gave my brother that money and wasn’t included from the beginning either. I did threaten to kick her ass because I felt she was bothering Jacqueline, who was having a miscarriage at the time of this nonsense. I said “If you call her one more time and bother her with this BS, I will kick your ass." I’d say it again.

I could go on and on about the other nonsense, but as I said in the show I have a low tolerance for this kind of stuff and my “Bullshit Buzzer” just went off. ; )

Now…Episode 2. Where do I begin? I am thinking this may be perceived as one of my “asshole” episodes that I spoke of in my last blog. BUT the truth of the matter is I make no apologies for my attitude towards Danielle.

I don’t want to get too into it, but if you all knew what this woman was saying about me from day one behind the scenes you might understand the fact that I have zero desire to be her friend. ZERO. Friends like that I don’t need! It was also starting to affect my relationship with my sister-in-law Jacqueline, because I was baffled why she would be so close to someone who would spew such vicious, hurtful lies about her family. I think you may see more of that as the show progresses.

I would love to post a letter I wrote to Danielle way before the cameras started rolling and offered an olive branch, so to speak. I told her that we should be civil, so we could teach our children how grown women should behave. I even gave her a small gift along with the note.

She never mentioned the letter and for someone who wants so badly to be my friend, that was a wide open door. Hmmmm. Her hugs at Jacqueline’s party were followed by more lies and BS the very next day. So are you hearing me people? Something smells and let’s not forget that acting in soap operas was one of Danielle’s many past occupations. Oops...I hear that buzzer again! Let’s move on.

Now, let's talk about bitch mode. LOL. Again, I make no apologies for my behavior, because that’s how things get done. If I were a man I would probably be admired for my work ethic, but because I am a chick…I’m a bitch. For the most of that evening I was surprisingly calm, they just happened to show that half an hour of crunch time where I am a lunatic. But guess what? If I am a nut, I am a nut that helps sick children.

My foundation means the world to me. I have always been overly compassionate towards children with cancer and if you visit our website you will find out more about our cause.

If this was my birthday party, I wouldn’t be as crazy. I want these events to be as fabulous as possible so that guests return every year and support Project Ladybug. These events are what allow us to put smiles on the faces of the beautiful children we help. I appreciate each and every one of my volunteers and I always apologize in advance and then afterward for being stressed and maybe a little bossy. I just want things to be perfect. All of them do understand and we laugh about it the next day…that’s what friends and family do. I was a little shocked to see that Jacqueline wasn’t expecting to help. She at the time was on the board of Ladybug and that just kind of comes with the territory. I guess Danielle’s poison was already getting to her, I understand. Also, I feel badly about Danielle’s financial position since the divorce, but if you can afford to be in the salon every other day, you can afford to shell out $75.00 for sick children. I’m just sayin'. When I heard that she was looking for a free ride, she was no longer welcome. I pay for my ticket and I don’t even sit down and eat.

In closing I would like to make it perfectly clear that my family is not the anti-social monsters that we are portrayed to be. There is always that extra family at our house for holidays that has nowhere else to go. If Danielle didn’t start with her nonsense, I am sure that she and her daughters would have been that family this Christmas… now, I’m thinkin’ NOT. Well, her daughters are still welcome ; ) I wish I didn’t have to spend so much time talking about the “Danielle show” so I could comment on how funny I think the rest of the show is. Hopefully on my next blog I will have the space to do so. She decided to go there in her blog last week and so “THIS girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!”

By the way, the NY housewives had their reunion at Cipriani’s, so why the HELL wasn’t Danielle invited? (If you don’t get that joke you may have to watch episode 1 again!) I’m thinking it might be my sense of humor that gets me in trouble sometimes...LOL.

Dina: "The Reunion was Very Hard to Watch"

Dina Manzo opens up about her comments regarding her family and why she kept quiet for Teresa Giudice.

This reunion was very hard to watch. What most of you don't know is I went in there with the intention of keeping silent on my family issues, as I have for the past four years. An incident happened at the reunion, and I won't even give that person the attention they crave, but it set me off to tell my truth. Well some of it at least. I felt I was very P.C. this whole time, but now I had enough. Some people will push you because they know deep down inside you won't push back, but being "zen" is all about setting boundaries, and learning that has been part of my spiritual path. 

I don't want to go into much other than saying my answer about Nic came out very cold because there was more to it. I wish it were that easy to get to know him, but unfortunately it's not because of my relationship with his mother, and I'm just being honest. He is not missing me nor does he know what is going on with this family because of NOTHING more than his age. Anyone who is trying to make people think otherwise, especially his mother, should be ashamed of themselves. The Mother Theresa comment was about people comparing how I raise money for children with cancer yet don't help him. I went on to say how blessed my brother is to live in a county in New Jersey that people actually move to for the autism programs offered. How I see joy in him because of the progress he is making. He is a happy, beautiful child that is on his way to recovery, and although I know it's a struggle for parents of children on the spectrum, there is NOTHING wrong with seeing joy in them instead of sorrow. I appreciate all the parents of children with autism for their emails, tweets, etc. understanding and APPRECIATING that I see Nic as a 4 year old beautiful boy and not labeling him as anything other than that.

Kathy and Melissa should not have challenged me about "family values" if they don't want to hear my side. I kept quiet for the most part for TERESA, not wanting to bring up old wounds when she was dealing with so much around her sentencing. It was a hard position for me to be in. 

I have no words for my sister on WWHL. She could have answered the no engagement question and left it at that. The lies that followed after were extremely hurtful and must have come from the sheer frustration of having to defend her position on the engagement party. All of you have seen I have ONLY ever said positive things about her no matter what I was feeling. 

Please take a moment to watch this video I made on my truth about it all. I will post all the details on my look next week, but you can get to everyone involved -- from hair to dress  -- on my Instagram post on Sunday. Speaking of Instagram, I invite you to join me on a post a day for the month of November to share what you are thankful for. Showing gratitude for what you have in life just allows the universe to send you more to be thankful for! Trust me, it works!

Sending lots of love, 

Dina xo