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Roughing It

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Amber: Is Dina Coldhearted?

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Victoria Gotti's Big No No

Roughing It

Dina talks plastic surgery, tough career decisions, and life post-divorce.


Hi everyone!
Before I go into episode three, I just want to make it understood that we are not able to respond to your questions and comments below. I don’t want anyone to think that I am not answering your individual questions. If you have Facebook you can friend me at Dina Manzo-rhonj and I try my best to get back to everyone. Don’t stop commenting on here too! Thanks!

I have to say writing this blog I am in a somber mood. I just came from the funeral of a family friend and also one of our “Ladybugs” at the hospital is a little under the weather, so if I am a little serious, I hope you understand.

Let me start by asking all of you if you LOVE Teresa as much as I do? How freakin’ cute is she and her daughters? I swear, even talking about that girl puts me in a better mood. I hope it’s obvious to everyone that any child would get tired after awhile of doing ANYTHING. Gia loves nothing more than getting her picture taken.

Our family has been right there through Jacqueline’s struggle to have another baby. We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome our new nephew into the world in a few weeks. I am sure the little man will be as adorable as his big brother CJ.

My niece Lauren is a riot. I am right there with her with the skeeve factor of waxing. I am glad that she found her niche and I am sure she will be great in the beauty business. Her aunts alone will keep her busy.

My brother Jaime who appeared in the show this week is me with a pee-pee. Or should I say I am him with “bubbies.” We are both crazy perfectionists that are REALLY good at what we do. We get each other and I have a blast working with him. The end result is nothing but perfection…every time.

This past summer was a tough one for me. During filming I found myself constantly in a state of stress. I think that is ONE of the reasons why I may come off as bitchy. My career was at an all time high and I was really unsure if what I had worked for all these years was worth it. My daughter is my everything - I love being her mother and I love my husband and adore my role as a wife. I know some people may have a problem with the fact that I am questioning my career. The truth of the matter is I have to follow my heart and do what feels right for my family and me. I have to live by my own definition of success. You will have to watch what happens!

I attended Danielle’s party to support Jacqueline. Danielle is her friend and I went for her. I have to apologize a bit for that comment I made about Danielle - it was rude. I think it may have had something to do with the thousand-degree room and all the wine I had to drink to cool myself off. Normally, I don’t drink and the combination of an empty stomach, a hot sweaty room and too much cheap wine will bring the obnoxious out of anyone. We were all being silly.

That doesn’t excuse my behavior though, so I apologize. Not sure though why Danielle could put it out there and talk the way she does, but we are not allowed to joke about it. I told you it’s my sense of humor that gets me in trouble.

I thought it was quite BIG, and I’m not just talking about my ass, (according to Danielle) of me to attend in the first place. As I said on the show, I’m not looking to fight with the girl.

I just really want all this drama to go away and if not for the show, I wouldn’t be near her at all. I don’t think I am better than her, I am just not a confrontational person and I HATE catty nonsense and DRAMA. HATE IT. She seems to thrive on it.

By the way, MY LIPS ARE 100% real. I have never gotten them injected, EVER. These things weren’t always in style...LOL. I was teased a lot as a young girl and to this day I am still self-conscious about them. I will post my high school picture on Bravo’s site to prove it. Unless a 17 yr old 20 years ago was getting injections, someone is a liar. That is just the beginning of what Danielle THINKS she knows about me. The girl knows nothing, other than the fact that I can be a wise ass at times and I wear my heart on my sleeve. If I don’t like you, unfortunately you're going to sense it. I just can’t be fake, and believe me I have tried. I actually find it a flaw in my personality. I wish I could be phony sometimes…life would just be easier.

My daughter Lexi and I have a special relationship. We have always been side by side roughing things out together. I have to make it perfectly clear that my husband didn’t pull us out of the gutter. I chose to live with my sister after divorcing Lexi’s father so I could work as much as I could and save enough money to buy a house for us. I didn’t want to rent because I had to pay for Lexi’s school and buy a car. It also really helped to have family around during such a difficult time. Of course my parents welcomed us back home, but I feared I would get too comfortable there. My father has worked so hard his entire life to support my mother and their 11 children and we always had everything we needed and more. I only hope I am half the parent they were to us in every way.

I lived with Caroline for almost 3 years after my divorce. Working two jobs I was able to keep my daughter in private school, bought myself an adorable Jeep and was about to buy a house, and then along came Tommy. Several men with A LOT more money than my husband wanted to date me at the time, but I happened to fall in love with Tommy Manzo. So for Danielle to think that I am looking down at her for being in a position that she feels I was in not long ago holds no truth. I may have been in the same place, but I handled things a lot differently. I believe I was blessed in the end to find someone to love and to take care of Lexi and me.

As I said, I am in a serious state of mind right now and this catty nonsense is just that - NONSENSE. Losing a loved one, a child battling cancer...those are real things to pay attention to.
xoxo~ Dina

Amber: Is Dina Coldhearted?

Amber Marchese dishes on her first reunion and why Dina Manzo confuses her.

Hello Housewife friends!  Welcome to the jungle baby! My first reunion was a wild ride. Call me sick and twisted, but I had an unbelievable time at the reunion when most, I have been warned, dread it. I felt like it was “The Great Purge” and when I went home I was felt relieved of any built up tension. I don’t care if anyone has a grudge against me, my slate is clean and I harbor no ill feelings towards anyone. I love to argue my point, and I truly stood by all of my convictions this season, so I was ready to say exactly what was on my mind, and then some. 

I know the twins and I went at one another pretty hard, but that is what the reunion is all about. It is an opportunity to get it all out and potentially understand one another's position better. Then we can each make our own decisions as to where we want to go with our relationships. I am very much the type of person that can say some of the meanest things and sling mud, but hug it out at the end forgetting anything negative that was said. It just rolls off my back. I actually think it is healthier to say what needs to be said, and then move on.

One thing I did question after the reunion was if Dina actually has a heart or if I should start calling her the Tin Man. I actually have not figured her out yet. Is she really just a coldhearted bitch, or has she been hurt so many times that she has become warped and jaded. I feel I don’t owe anyone any reason as to why I call cancer “the cancer,” but I will give it once more anyhow. “The cancer” is “the monster” to me. It is a way for me to take away its power and to minimize it. “It” destroys lives, so “it” does not deserve a name. It is just “the cancer” -- it was “the monster” or “the dragon.” Although Dina claims to have an understanding of how devastating cancer is to a family, her actions and blatant lack of empathy proves otherwise.

In addition, I did not think it was appropriate for me to interject into family quarrels at the reunion; however, this is something that I feel strongly about. I have met Jaqueline and I have spoken to her on many occasions. In the very short time that I have gotten to know Jaqueline, I know and have empathy with the struggles she has caring for Nicholas. I felt that Dina’s interpretation of her nephew was callous and completely out of touch with reality. The only thing that keeps playing in my mind is, "You know nothing John Snow."  No, thank God, he is not hooked up to machines with cancer; however, what the Laurita family goes through is extremely difficult on a day to day basis that will continue on for a lifetime. It is emotionally and financially devastating. Although, Dina "visits" children with cancer, at the end of her visit she gets to go home, leaving it behind and goes on with her daily life. Since Dina does work with children with cancer, I pray that she can abstain from a self-absorbed lifestyle and become a loving, involved aunt.