Can't Bring Me Down

Jacqueline reflects on where her friendship with Danielle went wrong.

I am writing to address Danielle's blog. Why am I not surprised to see that she is playing the victim once again? Danielle knows exactly why we are not friends anymore. She did something HORRIBLE behind the scenes to destroy Dina and my family. We have PROOF of it. I wish I could say what it is, but that's Dina's call. The other reasons were after seeing the show I got some threatening phone calls from Danielle. She didn't like what I had to say about her on camera so she flipped out on me. I honestly didn't think that I said anything that bad. Sometimes you get cut off from finishing a sentence when it comes to TV as well, and I had tried to explain that to her. I didn't appreciate the way she spoke to me. She told me to stay away from her and her "real" friends. I still don't know what she was talking about. I certainly haven't spoke to any of her friends about anything because I don't even know what I would have spoke about. I don't even know her friends. The night before the reunion show she called my sister-in- law to try to turn her against me with lies! I didn't appreciate that either. I have heard all over town that she is trashing me and plans to "bring me down," whatever THAT means. It's enough for me to know that I don't need someone like that in my life that could turn on me so quick because they don't like my opinions when asked about their lifestyle.

I know a lot of things about Danielle's past as well as her present and I STILL tried my best not to judge her and I still continued to be her friend. It didn't matter to me as long as it didn't interfere with my life. Her life and her choices are her own...not mine. I was a very good friend to Danielle. I did a lot for her to help her out. A LOT! More than I wish I had. Perhaps I was conned like everyone else who enters her life. Everything that Danielle did for me was calculated. It was not from her heart. She would do something nice for me and then ask me numerous times if I told my husband that she did it. Sometimes she wanted me to tell my sisters-in-law. She demanded I put in one of my blogs that SHE was the one who introduced me to her OB/GYN and actually got mad at me after viewing the first episode that I hadn't mentioned that in the show, like I control the editing process. I laughed when I saw the next episode where I actually DID mention that Danielle gave me the Doctors name. Does anyone really care about that? Does it really matter? I think my husband and I were the ones who are responsible for me getting pregnant...not Danielle. She would always get mad at weird things like that. She only drove me to ONE doctor's appointment, by the way, not every time like she claimed to have done. LIE! Yes, Danielle helped set up CJ's party tables when the cameras were rolling, but the second they stopped filming for a while...Danielle left. She wants credit for ANY nice gestures she does. When you do something nice for someone you shouldn't need or want recognition for it. Like I said, she is calculating! Danielle NOT ONCE asked to me to gather my family to talk about "the book." That is so ridiculous for her to even say when Danielle has EVERY one of their phone numbers! She could have called each of them herself. Why would she need me as if I was her secretary? Ridiculous! My sisters-in-law had NOTHING to do with my choice to end my friendship with Danielle. I would never have given her a chance if I had listened to them and the rest of the town and surrounding towns. That's not how I am. I give everyone a chance. I make my own decisions based on my own experiences with them. Over time, my experiences with Danielle...lead me to this. I stuck by Danielle when no one else would. I am so disappointed and hurt by Danielle. I really don't want to trash her with everything that I know about her. Which is a LOT! I just want her to go away and stay out of my life. I have much more important things in my life to focus on. I hope Danielle gets the help that she needs.

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