Alex McCord NJ

NYC's Alex McCord recaps Caroline and Danielle's confrontation, and looks forward to Andy and Teresa's reunion throwdown.

on Aug 24, 2010

It’s the season finale of NJ, and the clock is ticking, the music is ominous and the entire episode leads up to the BIG CONFRONTATION. I have to admit, I am distracted writing this blog because I’m thinking about the preview for the reunion special where Teresa lays hands on Andy and he is seen leaping after Jacqueline. Oh my.

Back to this week – I think everyone has had enough with a capital E of the drama, trauma, whatever you want to call it, between Danielle and everyone else. The Manzo clan felt (rightly, I think) that there was no point in either Teresa or Jacqueline speaking to Danielle. If anyone was going to call a meeting, it had to be Caroline. If they play by the rules, after this discussion there should be no more drama between these families. Why then, could Jacqueline not meet Ashley’s eyes when they spoke? I still think Ashley has no idea that her mother and step-dad and boyfriend and extended family are all trying to help her. What do they have to do, skywrite it?

I was a little surprised that Danielle chose to read the text from Caroline out loud to her daughters, but suppose I really shouldn’t have been. This has been going on SO long, she may as well consult them too. And Danny. Does anyone else want to know what’s going on between the two of them? I do. My guess is that they are friends and nothing’s happened but he’s secretly in love with her. Or the cameras. Or both – what do you think? I don’t believe for a moment that Caroline put Teresa and Jacqueline up to confronting or chasing Danielle through the country club. She isn’t Carmelo, or even Carmela. Is Danielle being real or being a drama queen? The histrionics in her interviews amaze me.