Alex McCord NJ

NYC's Alex McCord recaps Caroline and Danielle's confrontation, and looks forward to Andy and Teresa's reunion throwdown.

on Aug 24, 2010

The only thing I want to know about the scene with Caroline talking to Lauren and Albie is whether her tea kettle and canisters are from Mackenzie Childs – is that their famous harlequin pattern? Love Caroline, love the kids but this scene felt like filler. Ditto the energist scene with Danielle – glad she felt clean going into the meeting but didn’t need to see it.

Wow – for the first time the Jacqueline Laurita who gave birth to Ashley Holmes showed up. Wow – like mother, like daughter – they both have that sardonic “I don’t care” face that drives the person on the receiving end of it absolutely crazy. Holy moly, I get it now. These women are going to knock heads for the rest of their lives and I don’t think anyone can stop it. What they CAN do is respect each other, and it’s clear they love each other dearly. Good on Lauren for defusing the situation and getting Ashley back into the room so they could all wait for Caroline to return.

What do I think about the charges levied against Ashley? Caroline and Danielle both made good points. Danielle did have to learn the hard way from her mistakes, and one can see why she thinks Ashley should do the same. Caroline also pointed out that because Danielle went through her legal trouble and had no one to feel compassion for her, that this is her chance to feel compassion for someone in her shoes. All good points. Unfortunately it didn’t work, because the meeting devolved into name-calling. Ms. Staub couldn’t give Caroline an example of when she attacked Danielle, so she gave her one on the spot by calling her a clown and garbage. Not Caroline’s finest moment. But Caroline held her ground by stating simply that she stood behind every member of her family. As far as we can see from the season, Caroline wasn’t the one trying to make friends with Danielle’s friends (Kim G?) In that case at least, Kim approached her. The only thing I’ll say for Danielle is that she didn’t get hysterical with Caroline one-on-one – she saves that for her interviews.

What did we learn? No charges were dropped. No bridges were crossed, except perhaps one between Ashley and Jacqueline, which is a good thing. In the mean time we have the reunion to look forward to.

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