Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline Laurita explains what led her to hug it out with Danielle at the end of the reunion.

on Sep 8, 2010

A special thanks to Sirens Media and Bravo for this great opportunity to be a part of their family and giving us the pleasure of allowing others to be a part of ours. XXOO!

Thank you to all of our fans that support our show and gave us the incredible record breaking ratings that we have. We sincerely appreciate you all. Sometimes the truth is hard to take, but I appreciate all of your words of wisdom and advice. Sometimes having your worst moments thrown back into your face over and over again teaches us good, valuable life lessons. I'm grateful to have the show to allow me to see myself as others see me. I hope you understand that we open up our lives for you to see the good and the bad so that you may relate to us in some way and know you are not alone with your own issues that you may be dealing with. I think it's brave of all of us to share our lives with you. Not everybody is willing to open their lives up to the public like we do. Whatever you are afraid of and what ever you are hiding, I'm sure there are more people out there in your same situation than you think. We are all here on earth to help each other. Don't knock us for having the guts to be real and open about our flaws. Nobody is perfect, and there is not one person out there who does the right thing in every situation, every time and in every aspect of their life. Enough with the throwing stones unless you are willing to let me analyze every aspect of your life. Constructive criticism is always accepted, the insults are not tolerated. On Twitter, I will block you. Talk to me like a friend. When a friend screws up, you want to help lead them down the right path. We are all human and we all make mistakes. We all learn and grow from our experiences and not everybody learns at the same pace. Learn patience with others.

Thank you to my family, friends and babysitters (Nettie, Sarah, and Mom when you were in town) for your love, understanding and support during our busy and stressful times and for always being there. I love you all very much.

For those interested on where I buy my clothes... I shopped mostly this season at Posche in Wayne,NJ and Maluka in Wyckoff, NJ. I also stop in Neiman Marcus from time to time.


For Nicholas I shop at www.babyrockapparel.com, www.littleshowoffs.com, www.theretrobaby.com, www.punkrockbaby.com , www.ritzybaby.com . For great blankets www.Tutimnyc.com for adorable binky holders. Sweet Lullyby in Wyckoff, NJ also. Check out www.turtletoppy.com for infant seat and stroller covers and www.animaLoos.com.

Thank you Dr.Kassir in Wayne, NJ for clearing up Ashley's deviated septum and at the same time giving her a beautiful new nose and great lasers for great skin. I'd also like to thank Dr. William Song in Oakland, NJ and Michele, my Esthetician, at Omni Health Spa for helloooo ... my Botox, microdermabrasion, hair removal special lasers and for selling Medifast! Thank you Dr.Allen Rosen and his great team in Montclair for my breast reduction. Loving it!

Thank you my niece Lauren Manzo for the fabulous job you did on my makeup for the reunion show. I am so proud of you! XoXo!

See you all again next year! Follow me on Twitter under JacLaurita. I can't wait to see the Beverly Hills Housewives. It looks good. Take care, God Bless! Love to all! XoXo!