Ask Caroline

Caroline Manzo tackles questions on spoiled children, gift giving, and handling learning disabilities.

on Jun 13, 2011

Maheen from Dix Hills, New York says: I would like advice. It's my mom's birthday in two weeks, and I need tips on what to get her. She already has a lot of clothes, bags, watches, and jewelry, but I really want to surprise her.  What advice would you give me?

Caroline says: It sounds to me that your mom has everything she needs in a material sense, Maheen, so why don't you go a different route -- give her you for her birthday! Take her out and spend the day with her doing things that she loves. Maybe do dinner and a movie, if she likes to garden, go to the nursery buy a flat of flowers and plant them together. The options are endless. I think the memory of a fun filled day with you will mean more to her than any dress or handbag ever will!