Caroline Manzo

Caroline hopes that people can relate to the events of the show.

on Sep 11, 2011

My point in sharing this story is to validate a thought I’ve had and shared many times. We are a group of women on a reality television show who are often thought of as an embarrassment and not quite how society or family life in New Jersey should be depicted. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again -- we have the audacity to be ourselves, to live our lives as an open book for the world to see, and in doing that I know that many of you see yourselves in us, find strength and sometimes comfort as you watch and know that there are others out there living through the same experiences as you are. But through our insanity we also take people away from their hurt and their sadness if only for an hour a week.
On this very sad anniversary and to those who are trying to rebuild their lives after the floods and the fires, I just want to say thank you for giving us the honor and the privilege to make you smile.
9/11/01 NEVER FORGET -- God Bless America