Caroline Manzo

Caroline was happy to see the Giudice and Gorga kids get together and is thankful New Year's was drama free.

on Aug 8, 2011

Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed spending the holidays with us, but just as in real time, by New Year's Eve I'm over them and ready to move on!

We got to see a little more of Jacqueline's parents this episode. I loved the scene with Jerry and Ashley, he supports Jacqueline in her efforts to motivate Ashley and isn't afraid to tell it like it is. Speaking of Ashley, can you believe the talent that kid has? Remember, this is raw, natural talent. Can you imagine how good she'd be if she had some formal training? I say we all put our rally caps on and try to convince her to work it, work it, work it!

Lauren asked Ashley to design T-shirts for her grand opening party as a way to show support and belief in her abilities. They had a meeting where they discussed concept and design options for the shirts, and they both seemed pretty excited to get the project underway. Needless to say when Ashley presented Lauren with her sketches Lauren was disappointed, because she knows what Ashley is capable of and she called her out on it. The good news is Ashley went back to the drawing board. I've got my rally cap on again; let's see what Ashley comes up with…