Caroline Manzo

Caroline talks about throwing out Kim G. and her Christmas Eve craziness.

on Jul 25, 2011

Hello again! Sorry for the late blog, I was in Chicago over the weekend to celebrate my brother Jamie's civil union with his partner of thirteen years. What a wonderful time, I was so happy to see Jamie and Rich finally have the opportunity to have their commitment to each other recognized. Shout out to everyone who made that same commitment to each other in NY this weekend! Love knows no prejudice and the heart never lies, words to live by…

 So, let's talk about the Kim G. experience… I was watching the behavior pattern of Kim throughout the entire evening at the Gorga's party. From the moment she arrived, Kim was looking for a problem. I kept my distance and refused to react to the subtle jabs that were being thrown my way in her attempt for attention. Everything was OK until she went after Lauren. I watched as Lauren spoke to Kim and was actually very proud of the way she handled herself. She spoke calmly and with respect while she made her points. My kids are my babies, but truth be told, they're adults with their own opinions and values. I purposely stood by and watched as Lauren dealt with the situation and had no intention of getting involved, but I felt the need to step in when Kim began to get loud and abusive towards Lauren. It became clear to me at that point that there were no boundaries and no one was safe. Kim was looking for a fight and wasn't going to stop until she got one. I didn't care to have any conversation with her and wasn't at all interested in what she had to say. 

Christopher knew where this was going and had the brains to break it up; he's a good boy. I felt terrible for him, but he handled himself exactly as I hoped he would, like a gentleman. Once Christopher took Kim outside the only objective we had was to get her off the property. We all knew if she stayed trouble would follow. Albie ran out at my husband's suggestion to bring Chris inside, and although they were talking calmly, you know as well as I do that wasn't going to last, and we didn't want Christopher to have to deal with the crazy.