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Food, Family, and Chaos

Caroline talks about throwing out Kim G. and her Christmas Eve craziness.

Hello again! Sorry for the late blog, I was in Chicago over the weekend to celebrate my brother Jamie's civil union with his partner of thirteen years. What a wonderful time, I was so happy to see Jamie and Rich finally have the opportunity to have their commitment to each other recognized. Shout out to everyone who made that same commitment to each other in NY this weekend! Love knows no prejudice and the heart never lies, words to live by…

 So, let's talk about the Kim G. experience… I was watching the behavior pattern of Kim throughout the entire evening at the Gorga's party. From the moment she arrived, Kim was looking for a problem. I kept my distance and refused to react to the subtle jabs that were being thrown my way in her attempt for attention. Everything was OK until she went after Lauren. I watched as Lauren spoke to Kim and was actually very proud of the way she handled herself. She spoke calmly and with respect while she made her points. My kids are my babies, but truth be told, they're adults with their own opinions and values. I purposely stood by and watched as Lauren dealt with the situation and had no intention of getting involved, but I felt the need to step in when Kim began to get loud and abusive towards Lauren. It became clear to me at that point that there were no boundaries and no one was safe. Kim was looking for a fight and wasn't going to stop until she got one. I didn't care to have any conversation with her and wasn't at all interested in what she had to say. 

Christopher knew where this was going and had the brains to break it up; he's a good boy. I felt terrible for him, but he handled himself exactly as I hoped he would, like a gentleman. Once Christopher took Kim outside the only objective we had was to get her off the property. We all knew if she stayed trouble would follow. Albie ran out at my husband's suggestion to bring Chris inside, and although they were talking calmly, you know as well as I do that wasn't going to last, and we didn't want Christopher to have to deal with the crazy. 

Things got heated again and I threw her out. YES, I had the audacity to throw someone out of a party that wasn't mine. It's called damage control; I assessed the problem and came up with a reasonable solution. I was embarrassed and apologized to Joe and Melissa, but I knew that I had no other choice. I've never done anything like that before or since, and I hope I never have to in the future, not fun. My heart broke for Christopher; it was the moment I was trying to avoid for two years, but sometimes you've just got to show the bully where it's at. Christopher spoke to John and they are still friends. Thank you, God!

When Chris called into the radio show I didn't recognize the voice at first; when I realized it I almost started to cry. He tries so hard with Ashley, and it bothers me to know that he's not appreciated. Jacqueline and Chris have been tremendous in their efforts to put Ashley on the right path. I suppose the saying is true -- you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. Let's all keep our fingers crossed; like Chris said he has faith. Did you hear that Ashley? We have faith…

I loved watching Christmas Eve with all the little babies! Christmas and little ones, precious moments for sure. It was nice to see all the kids in the Gorga and Guidice clan together, it's love in it's purest form. The innocence of children can teach us a lot, wouldn't you agree? Adults, take notes!

You were introduced to quite a few members of the Laurita family this episode too! How cute is my mom? Like Albie said, she's very plush and the kids love to tease her! I absolutely love Christmas Eve. I cook from early morning and look like someone hit me and ran, but I wouldn't have it any other way. It's my favorite day of the year -- food, family, and chaos, LOVE IT. I hope you enjoyed watching as much as I did.

Next week is Christmas Day, I hope Santa comes… see you then!

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Amber: Is Dina Coldhearted?

Amber Marchese dishes on her first reunion and why Dina Manzo confuses her.

Hello Housewife friends!  Welcome to the jungle baby! My first reunion was a wild ride. Call me sick and twisted, but I had an unbelievable time at the reunion when most, I have been warned, dread it. I felt like it was “The Great Purge” and when I went home I was felt relieved of any built up tension. I don’t care if anyone has a grudge against me, my slate is clean and I harbor no ill feelings towards anyone. I love to argue my point, and I truly stood by all of my convictions this season, so I was ready to say exactly what was on my mind, and then some. 

I know the twins and I went at one another pretty hard, but that is what the reunion is all about. It is an opportunity to get it all out and potentially understand one another's position better. Then we can each make our own decisions as to where we want to go with our relationships. I am very much the type of person that can say some of the meanest things and sling mud, but hug it out at the end forgetting anything negative that was said. It just rolls off my back. I actually think it is healthier to say what needs to be said, and then move on.

One thing I did question after the reunion was if Dina actually has a heart or if I should start calling her the Tin Man. I actually have not figured her out yet. Is she really just a coldhearted bitch, or has she been hurt so many times that she has become warped and jaded. I feel I don’t owe anyone any reason as to why I call cancer “the cancer,” but I will give it once more anyhow. “The cancer” is “the monster” to me. It is a way for me to take away its power and to minimize it. “It” destroys lives, so “it” does not deserve a name. It is just “the cancer” -- it was “the monster” or “the dragon.” Although Dina claims to have an understanding of how devastating cancer is to a family, her actions and blatant lack of empathy proves otherwise.

In addition, I did not think it was appropriate for me to interject into family quarrels at the reunion; however, this is something that I feel strongly about. I have met Jaqueline and I have spoken to her on many occasions. In the very short time that I have gotten to know Jaqueline, I know and have empathy with the struggles she has caring for Nicholas. I felt that Dina’s interpretation of her nephew was callous and completely out of touch with reality. The only thing that keeps playing in my mind is, "You know nothing John Snow."  No, thank God, he is not hooked up to machines with cancer; however, what the Laurita family goes through is extremely difficult on a day to day basis that will continue on for a lifetime. It is emotionally and financially devastating. Although, Dina "visits" children with cancer, at the end of her visit she gets to go home, leaving it behind and goes on with her daily life. Since Dina does work with children with cancer, I pray that she can abstain from a self-absorbed lifestyle and become a loving, involved aunt. 

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