Caroline Manzo

Caroline tells us how she really feels about Joe Gorga.

on Jul 10, 2011

How great was the green-feathered tree? What was even better was Greg’s phone call to Home Goods to see if the tree was still in stock. He was more excited about it than anyone, and I’m still not sure what he loved more, the tree or Albie’s response to the tree! Lauren and I were appalled to learn that the boys had no intention of decorating the apartment for Christmas, so we decided to do it for them. That entire experience was crazy times ten, and we laugh every time we talk about it. When I watched that scene it made me smile.

Lauren definitely went through a period of separation anxiety when her brothers moved out of the house, and I certainly understand how she felt. When you’re one of a group of three and two move on without you, it hurts. Things change and relationships may shift, but that doesn’t mean you become less important in peoples’ lives. I allowed Lauren a period of “mourning” because she genuinely felt their absence and missed them terribly. However, there comes a time when you need to get over it and move on. Lauren and I are extremely close and spend the majority of our time together. She is embarking on an exciting new career and has a solid relationship with Vito, who is a wonderful guy. I had very little tolerance for any attitude or self-pity. This is life, be happy for one and other move on and readjust the landscape of the relationship. It took a little time, but I’m happy to say she’s fine now. By the way, she didn’t take the key to the apartment and never drops in unannounced! All’s well that ends well, right?

Jacqueline’s Christmas party was fun. It was actually the first time I met Joe, and I’m not going to lie, I like him. Now before you hunt me down and try to hang me, let’s be real for a moment. The plan is to reconcile a brother and sister, correct? Isn’t that what Teresa wants? Why would anyone want to add fuel to the fire by being closed minded and distant? Every single one of us made an effort to welcome Joe and Melissa into our lives with a positive attitude and open arms. The behavior at the christening was awful, and Joe has told me numerous times how ashamed he is, and it’s something he’ll always regret. I have to give him credit for taking responsibility for his actions and admitting his mistakes. If I had to use one word to describe him, it would be passionate. His personality is larger than life and he does everything with gusto. I can honestly say with no reservation at all that we all thought the Gorgas were a nice couple, and we enjoyed their company.

I’m not going to get into the little tit for tat Teresa had with Melissa, because to me it was nothing more than a ridiculous exchange of remarks that had no content at all. Hey, it could have been worse, so if we had to deal with anything that night, I’m glad it was only that. Remember, before you send a lynch mob out for me, look at the big picture. Reconciliation is the goal and that’s what Teresa wants, right? So in that spirit I’m asking all of you to do what we’ve decided to do – have an open mind, don’t take any sides, and give peace a chance. See you next week.