Caroline Manzo

Caroline thinks she must have done something right to end up with such a wonderful husband.

on Aug 2, 2011

I felt the need to invite Kathy and Rich to New Year's Eve for a few reasons. Albert asked me to; the Giudices and Gorgas were asked, and Al didn't think it was right to leave the Wakiles out. They've been clients of The Brownstone for over twenty years and now there was a social connection made through Teresa and Joe. I didn't know Kathy that well at this point, but it made sense, so I invited them. Whether or not Teresa wanted them there had no relevance; I have two eyes and two ears, I can make a rationale decision based on what I see. I'm not going to dislike someone because I was told to. Some may perceive my decision as being disloyal to Teresa. Loyalty to a friend doesn't mean do what I say, it means doing the right thing, and sometimes the right thing is telling your friend when they are wrong. I'm not going to get on the hate train; remember the object here is to mend relationships, not to help destroy them. 

I'm going to lump everyone else's Christmas into one paragraph. If I talk about them separately it will take me a month to write it all out! The kids were gorgeous, every single one of them. Between the outfits and the attitudes I was smiling the entire time. The best was Milania, "That wasn't Santa, that was Nona!" Can't pull the wool over that kid's eyes! Poor Gia! Throw up, chamomile tea, and a photo shoot within sixty seconds, now that's one tough kid. Way to go, Gia! Antonia's scream when she saw the gifts was hilarious. I remember when the kids would come barreling out of their rooms on Christmas morning hoping that Santa came; precious memories, treasure them, mom and dads, time flies.