Caroline Manzo

Caroline thinks she must have done something right to end up with such a wonderful husband.

on Aug 2, 2011

Wherever the Gorgas got their tree, that's where I'm going next year. A tree that grows gold Rolexes? I'm there! Joe obviously likes to spoil Melissa, and I appreciate that she admits to loving every minute of it. If she wants something she asks for it, even if it's a bedazzled microphone. 

Joe built the studio for Melissa to keep her home where "she belongs." Melissa knows that and accepts it, there is no hidden agenda between these two. It's like the marriage edition of 'Let's Make a Deal.' It works for them, so let's not judge.

I felt terrible for Jacqueline when she shared the fact that Ashley hasn't given her a gift for any celebration or holiday in a while. I don't think her sadness has anything to do with the absence of a gift; it has everything to do with Ashley's attitude. Jacqueline just wants to feel like she matters to her, and if I could have jumped through that TV last night and shaken Ashley for her arrogance, I would have. Let's all hope that as Ashley watched that scene she realized that some changes need to be made. I've got my fingers crossed.

Richie and Kathy were funny. Apparently Richie always loses his wedding band. I have an idea, Kathy, take him to a tattoo parlor and ink it on, problem solved! (You're welcome Rich!) I'm obviously joking, those two have a great relationship. Wedding band or not, Kathy has no worries -- Jeff Goldblum loves her to death.