Caroline Manzo

Caroline stands by what she said at the reunion and explains her side.

on Oct 19, 2011

It didn't take very long for me to recognize that something was wrong with the picture of Melissa and Kathy that had been painted for us. Their behavior and personalities didn't match up with the stories; red flags were popping up everywhere. This is where my frustration started to come through. One thing I can tell you without reservation is that the camera doesn't lie. You can fake it, but it's going to get you sooner or later. In my case it was sooner.

Teresa asked us to help bring her family together but her actions never matched her words. It became very difficult for me to watch the charade. I hoped that maybe through the process Teresa would somehow recognize how insignificant her issues were and find a true resolution with her brother and Melissa. 

A few episodes in you began to see a shift in my attitude towards Teresa that probably didn't make sense. Many thought I jumped ship and took sides with the "enemy." What enemy? There's not supposed to be an enemy! Jacqueline and I tried to reason with Teresa, and all we got in return was a lecture on friendship. You will like who she likes and dislike whom she doesn't. End of story. That was the end for me, I'm not a child and I won't dislike someone because Teresa Giudice told me to. I didn't care, it was a matter of self-respect at this point. Now do my comments throughout the season make sense? I hate even having to explain all of this, but I feel like you needed a little back-story to understand my position at the reunion.