Caroline Manzo

Caroline stands by what she said at the reunion and explains her side.

on Oct 19, 2011

I have never hidden or denied anything that was ever asked of me regarding my family. When Andy asked about my father-in-law, I told the truth. When Albie had to discuss his law school issues, we told the truth. When Andy asked about Jacqueline's infamous punch, we told the truth. (As a side note, Teresa even took a shot at me during one of her interviews regarding this too. When did post-partum depression become funny, Teresa?)
I never claimed that my family was perfect. I've said numerous times that we fight like crazy, and sometimes don't speak for a minute, a month, a week, or a year. Bottom line is this -- there will be a time and a place to mend. My fear in having this issue exposed had nothing to do with me at all. It was all about my parents. Teresa claims that the biggest hurt of all is watching her parents deal with the pain of their children fighting while the nation watches. So my question is this -- Teresa knew how important it was to me to keep the Dina issue hidden, but tried numerous times throughout the season and through her blogs and interviews to reveal it. She finally had her moment at the reunion. Did she think I would deny it? Congratulations, Teresa, the only thing you succeeded in doing was hurting my parents. What a fool I've been in my efforts to bring your family together when it was your intent to destroy mine from the start. Shame on you. I've been asked by numerous publications to tell my story regarding Teresa and Dina and have denied them all, because I refuse to glorify an already sad situation.