Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline comments on the toughest scene of the season for her to watch, the Ashley intervention.

on Aug 15, 2011

I remember Ashley telling me what her friends in junior high were doing. It was shocking to me. I bought Ashley a few books on how your body changes as you grow, and it labeled all the male and female body parts. The books also explained where babies come from. I told her to read them and then to ask me anything if she still had questions. Then I made her read pamphlets I picked up from my OB/GYN, watch TV specials and movies that involved sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancies, and told her sex hurts and other things like that to scare the living sh-- out of her. Then we talked about the moral side of it. (That held her off for a long while.)

Parents do what they can, but ultimately, it will be their child's personal choice when the opportunity is presented to them. All you can hope for is for them to choose wisely. Peer pressure can be tough, and that is another "talk" you need to have with your kids. You need to teach them that it is OK to be their own person and choose for themselves wisely. You don't want them to regret their decisions later.

That was such a sweet talk Kathy had with Victoria. She was speaking very softly to not embarrass her daughter. I like the points Kathy was making, and I think Victoria responded very well to them. How you dress sends a message to other people as to what vibe you are putting out there. Be careful with that message. She just wanted her daughter to be aware that if she dresses sexy, the horny guys will desire her and most likely will try to make a move. Thank God Victoria is a black belt. Hi-yaaaa! Karate chop! Kathy just wants Victoria to know that before she sends out that "I'm sexy" message that she will be able to handle the attention she will receive from it. They want to know that she is strong enough to say, "No! Back off! I'm not ready for that! Respect me!" Instead of, "Yes!Yes! Take me know! I've been dying to do it!"