Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline comments on the toughest scene of the season for her to watch, the Ashley intervention.

on Aug 15, 2011

Finally, I felt I needed to address Teresa's blog from last week, because I always held back on commenting on them before. I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed. What has gotten into you? 

I want to address your paragraph about Caroline and me where you stated, "Caroline and Jacqueline telling me that Danielle hurt their families was enough for me to support them. I didn't need proof. I didn't need to invite Danielle to my parties to "see for myself." I trusted my friends and had their back." If I remember correctly, there is a contradiction to what you stated. When your friends, to whom you claim loyalty, strongly disliked a "certain somebody" you continued to still hang out with that "certain somebody" and gave them a chance (just like I did) until YOU couldn't take her ways anymore. I respected you for being your own person. You even went as far as to invite that "certain somebody" to your dinner party along with a couple of your friends, who you knew couldn't even "stomach the sight of her," because you are nice like that. YOU decided you had enough of that "certain somebody" having a past and present that you unapproved of, telling you to pay attention, spreading rumors about your husband and your house being in foreclosure, comparing you to a wild animal, and the most obvious and infuriating for you, bringing up Melissa's name at the reunion show and claiming that you didn't acknowledge your nephew. It was those moments concerning YOU that prompted you to flip a table, chase "a certain somebody" through a fashion show, and throw Andy Cohen like a rag doll. Be honest, was that about having your friends' back, or did she insult YOU?