Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline comments on the toughest scene of the season for her to watch, the Ashley intervention.

on Aug 15, 2011

PLEASE DON'T PRETEND that you acted out for your friends by being a loyal soldier. You even went out of your way to say "hello" to a "certain someone" that had been harassing my daughter, threatening and spreading horrible lies about me and my family at the Posche Fashion show. Were you being a loyal soldier then or were you being your own person, which I respected and never got mad at for all the chaos you caused? I would NEVER expect you to dislike somebody, because I do or fight my battles FOR me. If you're going to fight them WITH me because you are feeling the same way, then that is a BONUS! LOL! 

Your definition of "loyalty" doesn't always match your actions. You are your own person aren't you? I feel like you should take responsibility for your own choices, actions, and admit to forming your own opinions that had nothing to do with your "loyalty" to your friends! You are NOT that weak of a person. I was so grateful to you when my sister-in-law, whom you had been friends with years before, and I were feuding that you didn't choose a side. You allowed our friendship to grow. That showed me that you were a good person and had a mind of your own, but in YOUR definition of a "loyal" friend, I guess you contradicted yourself, and you weren't that loyal yourself. Please don't make it sound like every action you took against Danielle was for us and say that she never did anything to you, when clearly she did. The truth is you had your own issues with her. That's all I'm trying to say. I just wanted to clear that up.

I am also very surprised that you tweeted and then added to your blog that transparent paragraph about Danielle while speaking out both sides of your mouth. On the one hand you're telling her thank you, then the next tweet it was you don't believe her and to leave your family alone. On the other side you are clearly begging her to come up with proof to expose Melissa of something she may or may not have said two years ago during rough times between the two of you. In my opinion, that is totally irrelevant now. She should have given up that information to you two years ago when it WAS relevant. According to your blogs and interviews in other media outlets, you have always claimed that Danielle has never done anything to you, and she doesn't bother or phase you. So why do you even care anyway, right? (Even though I know you don't really feel that way.) Besides, if you really mean what you say about not wanting to ever rehash the past and only wanting to move forward, and you sincerely want to make things better between you and your family, it probably wasn't a good idea to even humor Danielle by saying you even care either way and that you even want proof. You know she's just looking to stay relevant. I thought she said she wasn't into drama. What do you think her motive was by tweeting that? Your well being? My advice, Teresa --  It's in the PAST! You are in a much better place now with your family now (sort of). Keep rolling forward. I'm only telling you this because I care and I didn't like seeing you hurting over your family, and I know how hard the two of you have worked to get your relationship to where it is today. Don't go back to that dark place. It doesn't benefit your relationship with Melissa today, and it doesn't look good for you to be encouraging Danielle to "show proof."