Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline explains why she and Chris helped Ashley get a car (again).

on Jun 12, 2011

I know, I know! Here we go again. Before I start getting the lectures from you all on why the heck we would help Ashley (Ashlee) get another car, I will do my best to explain the reasoning behind our decision. IT'S ALL CHRIS' FAULT! BLAME HIM! BLAME HIM! ( LOL! Just kidding!) I was just blame shifting. Sorry. Actually, I didn't have to consign. Nobody forced me. I caved. Chris gives in to Ashley, and I give in to Chris. Chris just loves her and wants the best for his family. I love him for that! He's a good man. I just listened to what my husband's reasoning was in wanting to do this for Ashley, and seeing as he is usually very levelheaded (and has those amazing blue eyes that melt me every time), I trusted his judgement and asked, "Where do I sign?" Where does this sucker sign? The deal was that Chris would pay the first three months to get her started and give her a little jump. After that, Ashley had to be working enough to take over the payments. She had some money put away and decided to pay off the car payments herself for a year. I hope she doesn't think that means that she won't have to work until the year is up. That would not be a wise decision. There are things called gas and insurance, which we are not paying for.

I was so mad at first, because I felt like I wasn't even considered in that decision. Chris and Ashley had discussed this, went out looking for a car, and made a decision without even consulting me and then had the nerve to expect me to co-sign. Seriously? ( I guess they were confident enough to believe that I would agree to that.) I think being left out of the loop on such a big decision is what really bothered me the most. It wasn't the first time. I was hurt, angry, and felt very insignificant. But at the same time, I realize how big of a heart my husband has and what his intentions were. He takes care of many members of his family in various ways. I absolutely love and admire that about him. Not to mention all the charities we are constantly supporting. He is not a selfish guy. So he gets a pass. I love my daughter very much, and I want the best for her too, but she has some proving to do. I want to see her being proactive and take control of her life. I'll keep the faith. She will learn to make better choices. I know she will succeed in the end. I'll keep praying.