Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline shares her trick or treating tips and shares her thoughts on Teresa's troubles with her brother.

on May 23, 2011

Don't you just love the fall? It's my favorite season. I love the crisp smell, the coolness in the air, the beautiful changing colors of the leaves falling on the ground, lighting my fall scented candles in the house, and being able to add a cute sweater or light jacket to hide the muffin top that's jutting over my pants. I just love it! The October Fests are always fun, and it's such a great family time to go apple, berry, and pumpkin picking. And who doesn't love pumpkin slinging, going through corn mazes, enjoying pony and hay rides, making scarecrows, and putting out Halloween and fall decorations. The kids love it! We have a huge wall calendar with pockets to countdown to Halloween, and we put little candies and Halloween related mini things in there for the kids. We got it at Potterybarn. 

When I said I love when CJ brings me candy, I meant it. I was one of those annoying kids still trick or treating in high school. I figured I was only 5'3", so people might think I was younger. I was going to try and milk it as long as I could. I remember filling a pillowcase! The trick is to go toward the end of the night and dump out most of your bag so people think you're just getting started. Then they feel sorry for you and give you more. Plus they get tired of answering the door by then and just want to get rid of their candy. I had it all figured out.

Anyway, I hope it didn't sound like I send my kid out there trick or treating on his own. Of course Chris and I are always with him. I put the pumpkins in the yard (sort of a homemade pumpkin patch), and the kids go pick their favorite pumpkin to carve. We love roasting the seeds and eating them. It's good family fun!

I was really sad and blown away to hear from Teresa what happened at the christening. It just didn't seem to make sense or seem real. All I could think was, "Aren't you supposed to congratulate the parents at a christening? Why did her own brother call her garbage?" And the banging on the table thing? Must be a Gorga trait. Something in their DNA maybe? It just wasn't adding up. Was I missing something? Teresa never talked that much about her brother or Melissa with me. I'd seen them at all of her parties, but never noticed if they talked to each other. I think I just assumed that all was well. Up until this point I hadn't heard anything that would make me think there were such deep issues between her and her brother that he would call her garbage. (By the way...I just love Joey Gorga in a dress!)