Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline thinks Milania will be a very successful business woman.

on Sep 18, 2011

I have some blog catching up to do! Here's a two in one. First, I must address 9/11. As I sat there with my husband watching documentaries in remembrance of 9/11, our heart ached for the victims of this horrendous tragedy. There is no consoling those friends and families who have lost their loved ones. Everyone heals at their own pace and in their own way. All we can do is to look out for one another, offer our support, and wait until we are needed to share a hug, a cry, an ear to listen, or whatever else they need to help make their days a little easier and to let them know there will be a brighter future. Time may not heal all wounds, but it does help to ease the pain.

Sometimes even the worst of tragedies can bring about positive change. Out of these hateful attacks on our country, something beautiful came. We proved to the world just how strong and powerful we truly are by pulling together, united, showing tremendous amounts of love, compassion, and support for one another as well as our perseverance to continue on, despite our losses and our pain while we work together to rebuild our lives and our communities. Complete strangers were helping strangers of all races, ages, genders, religions, occupations, lifestyles, etc. They helped by bringing others to safety and by comforting and supporting one another. People were sharing and giving their personal belongings to those in need. Businesses offered free services, donated their food, clothes, or whatever else was needed that they could offer. Many volunteered their time and labor skills to help clean up the devastation so we could start to rebuild. We will keep moving forward. Evil may have hurt us, but it also succeeded in making us stronger. It only motivated this country to pay more attention to our surroundings and appreciate our lives and others. It brought us all closer together. I'd like to say thank you to all of our heroes, who risked or lost their own lives trying to save others, our volunteers, who went above and beyond to help by offering their services, and let's not forget our troops, who will continue to serve, protect, and fight for our country to prevent more evil from harming us. I appreciate you all! We were all victims in the 9/11 attacks in one way or another. May your broken hearts mend but never, ever forget! Best wishes, love and prayers for all! XOXO!