Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline thinks Milania will be a very successful business woman.

on Sep 18, 2011

Hurricane Irene, you are such a bitch! Please don't ever come back into our lives again! For all of those that have lost their homes, their livelihoods, their most cherished personal possessions, and even their loved ones (pets included) in these natural disasters, my heart and my prayers go out to you and your families. Cherish all you still have and what you will create in the future. Remember who and what are truly important in life, be grateful for them, and don't take them for granted. You will always have more and less than somebody else. Start making and documenting your new memories now. Try not to worry so much. Things always have a funny way of working out. You are all going to be OK. Never be too proud to ask for help when needed, but always be sure to be willing to help others as well. I wish you health, happiness, and the perseverance to continue on even when you feel like giving up. XOXO!

You know me long enough to know that I've never been one to push a product or endorse something that I didn't believe in and haven't used myself. I believe in BLK and I want you to know why. I wanted to start off by telling you a little about our BLK water and how it came about. It is my belief that everyone should be educated about the benefits of fulvic acid. BLK originated from two Canadian sisters, Jackie and Louise, who are in the natural/organic food business. They came across fulvic acid (FA) when researching nutritional support for their mother, who was diagnosed with breast cancer eight years ago. They thought FA was folic acid and moved on. When their mother was diagnosed with bone cancer four years later (and was told she had six months to get her affairs in order), they again looked for help. Coming across fulvic acid again, they were impressed with everything they read about it. Their mom isn't very good at taking pills, so they gave it to her in a powdered form in water...and out of the love for their mother, BLK water was born.